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Future Without Borders? Theories and Practices of Cosmopolitan Peacebuilding by Souffrant, Eddy ISBN: 9789004325371 List Price: $83.00
Globalization : Debunking the Mycb by Hebron, Stack, Hebron, Lui,... ISBN: 9781442258204 List Price: $75.00
Debating Humanitarian Intervention : Should We Try to Save Strangers? by Tes�n, Fernando R., Van der... ISBN: 9780190202934
Do Young People Know ASEAN? : Update of a Ten-Nation Survey by Thompson, Eric C., Thiantha... ISBN: 9789814695626
Eurasian States : Socio-Economic and Political Processes by Mohanty, Arun, Patnaik, Ajay ISBN: 9781138492875
Security Council Reform by Nadin, Peter ISBN: 9781138477667
Studies in Diplomatic History by Headlam-Morley, James ISBN: 9781138195271
Political Principles of Robert A. Taft by Kirk, Russell ISBN: 9781138537484
American Foreign Policy : Current Documents by U. S. Department of State, ... ISBN: 9780598643520 List Price: $200.00
Peace Education Evaluation : Learning from Experience and Exploring Prospects by Del Felice, Celina, Karako,... ISBN: 9781623969745
Diplomat in the Corner Office : Corporate Foreign Policy by Fort, Timothy L. ISBN: 9780804786379
Kasher : Ethics of War and Conflict Vol. 3 by Kasher, Asa ISBN: 9780415480369
Kasher : Ethics of War and Conflict Vol. 2 by Kasher, Asa ISBN: 9780415480352
Entangled Allies : U. S. Policy Toward Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus by Stearns, Monteagle ISBN: 9780608219363 List Price: $62.40
Kasher : Ethics of War and Conflict Vol. 4 by Kasher, Asa ISBN: 9780415480376
Kasher : Ethics of War and Conflict Vol. 1 by Kasher, Asa ISBN: 9780415480345
Die Anf�nge der St�ndischen Vertretungen in Preussen und Seinen Nachbarl�ndern by Boockmann, Hartmut, M�ller-... ISBN: 9783486558401
Problems of NATO by Simpson, Tony, Bertrand Rus... ISBN: 9780851248349 List Price: $16.50
International Conflict and Conflict Management: Readings in World Politics - Janice G. Stein... by Stein, Janice G., Matthews,... ISBN: 9780134727394 List Price: $27.67
Central America and the Reagan Doctrine - Walter F. Hahn - Hardcover by Hahn, Walter F., Kirkpatric... ISBN: 9780819161796
Laws of Armed Conflicts: A Collection of Conventions, Resolutions, and Other Documents - Die... by Schindler, Dietrich, Toman,... ISBN: 9789024733064 List Price: $290.00
Evolution of OPEC - Albert L. Danielsen - Hardcover by Danielsen, Albert L. ISBN: 9780151293940 List Price: $19.95
Global Business Citizenship A Transformative Framework for Ethics And Sustainable Capitalism by Wood, Donna J., Logsdon, Je... ISBN: 9780765616265 List Price: $98.95
Blackstone's EC Legislation, 2000-2001 by Foster, Nigel ISBN: 9781841740928 List Price: $21.00
Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy by Sikri, Rajiv ISBN: 9788132100805 List Price: $39.95
Why Europe Fears Its Neighbors (Praeger Security International) by Tassinari, Fabrizio ISBN: 9780313357725 List Price: $49.95
Power, Interdependence, & Nonstate Actors in World Politics by Milner, H. V., Moravcsik, A... ISBN: 9780691140278
The Foreign Policy of Russia: Changing Systems, Enduring Interests by Donaldson, Robert H., Nogee... ISBN: 9780765622808 List Price: $94.95
GATT and Conflict Management: A Transatlantic Strategy for a Stronger Regime by Rode, Reinhard ISBN: 9780813379678 List Price: $54.00
Southeast Asia and the Enemy Beyond: ASEAN Perceptions of External Threats by Tilman, Robert O. ISBN: 9780813371306 List Price: $46.00
Britain and Europe: A Political History from 1918 to the Present by Crowson ISBN: 9780415400183 List Price: $130.00
Foreign Policy Analysis: Understanding the diplomacy of war, profit and justice by Alden, Chris ISBN: 9780415427982 List Price: $125.00
The New Global Politics of the Asia Pacific by Connors ISBN: 9780415464963 List Price: $140.00
The European Union and Central Asia by Sehring, Jenniver, Warkotsc... ISBN: 9780415562362 List Price: $125.00
The EU Presence in International Organizations (Routledge Advances in European Politics) by Bourantonis, Dimitris, Blav... ISBN: 9780415569248 List Price: $125.00
Continuity, Change and Crisis in Contemporary Ireland by Girvin, Brian, Murphy, Gary ISBN: 9780415565738 List Price: $125.00
American Foreign Policy in a Hostile World: Dangerous Years by Serfaty, Simon ISBN: 9780275912642 List Price: $42.95
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