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From The Chemistry of Photography to Breaking the Rules: A Photo Media Cookbook, there are plenty of fascinating and engrossing titles to be had in our collection. We buy back darkroom books to add into the mix on a regular basis thanks to our buyback policy. If you buy cheap darkroom textbooks now you can always sell back later on if you find you have outgrown them. Take a look at the prices to see how much you could save on rental or purchase copies, as well as checking the latest prices if we buyback your books. You can trust in all the best services when you use Valore Books for your college textbooks on photography. Buy or rent used darkroom textbooks today and learn more about staying in the dark - albeit in a good way! We've got affordable prices on many of the best darkroom related text books around today.

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Chemistry of Photography by Rogers, David ISBN: 9780854042739 List Price: $139.00
Against the Barbarians and Other Reflections on Familiar Themes by Bradford, M. E. ISBN: 9780826208040 List Price: $37.50
Building a Home Darkroom, Vol. 0 by Miller, Ray ISBN: 9780879857462 List Price: $17.95
Breaking the Rules A Photo Media Cookbook by Nettles, Bea ISBN: 9780930810085 List Price: $15.00
Alternative Photography Processes : A Worker's Guide by Eshbaugh, Mark L. ISBN: 9781933551012 List Price: $35.00
Photography Simplified for Archivists by Lawrence, Ken, Gill, Rowlan... ISBN: 9780910653107 List Price: $14.95
Into Your Darkroom Step-by-Step by Curtin, Dennis P., Musselma... ISBN: 9780240517698 List Price: $14.95
Double Exposure Book by Floyd, Wayne, Overall, Kerry ISBN: 9780961316006 List Price: $9.95
Paper Negative by Mortensen, William, Curtis,... ISBN: 9780961995904 List Price: $15.00
Photolab Design for Professionals, Vol. 13 by Eastman Kodak Company Staff ISBN: 9780879856595 List Price: $9.95
Black and White Photographic Master Printing Workshop - Larry Bartlett - Paperback by Tarrant, Jon, Bartlett, Larry ISBN: 9781883403393 List Price: $29.95
Gumoil Photographic Printing by Koenig, Karl P. ISBN: 9781138457980 List Price: $195.00
Handbook of Photosensory Receptors by Briggs, Winslow R., Spudich... ISBN: 9783527605101 List Price: $275.00
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