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Portraiture is probably one of the most famous and familiar types of photography around today. This has been the case ever since the camera was first invented, although of course it has changed somewhat since then. You can buy cheap portraits textbooks now to help further your own experience of this particular subject and theme, so you can take better portraits with your own camera. Whatever stage of your college studies you happen to be at, rely on our collection of portraiture books now. Buy or rent used portraits textbooks and be open to the idea to sell back at any stage too if you decide not to keep a book you've purchased. Find both rare and more common text books in our affordable collection of titles now and come back regularly for a chance to see more books at discounted prices. Don't miss out on the chance to get the cheapest deals online today.

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American Archives Gender, Race, and Class in Visual Culture by Smith, Shawn Michelle ISBN: 9780691004785 List Price: $29.95
Icons and Legends The Photography of Michael Childers by Childers, Michael, Hockney,... ISBN: 9780295983967 List Price: $25.00
Scavnicky : Portrait of an Anthracite Family Nelson Morris, Photographer by O'Toole, Judith H., Perry, ... ISBN: 9780942945027 List Price: $5.00
The New Woman International: Representations in Photography and Film from the 1870s through ... by Otto, Elizabeth, Rocco, Van... ISBN: 9780472071043 List Price: $75.00
Angels, Anarchists and Gods by Felver, Christopher, Brinkl... ISBN: 9780807120859 List Price: $45.00
Artists of the Western Desert : Portraits, 2006-11 by McGregor, Ken ISBN: 9781921394645
Men in America, Vol. 2 by Arndt, Thomas J., Heinneman... ISBN: 9781881616191 List Price: $27.50
Shooting Superstars : Me, My Camera, and the Show-Biz Legends by Arthur, Zinn, Hornsey, Pat ISBN: 9780685272442 List Price: $24.95
Photographing People by Hollenbeck, Cliff ISBN: 9780937649107 List Price: $13.90
Author Photo : Portraits, 1983-2002 by Ettlinger, Marion, Ford, Ri... ISBN: 9781451656152
Self and Others : Portrait as Autobiography by Smithson, Aline, Tognarelli... ISBN: 9781926856063
Mastering Portrait Photography by Plater, Sarah, Wilkinson, Paul ISBN: 9781781450857
Large Group Pictures by Unknown ISBN: 9781850980452
Richard Pousette-Dart : 1930s by Duncan, Charles, Stokes Sim... ISBN: 9780942324921 List Price: $25.00
Fair Faces : Images from a Disappearing Ireland by Hall, John ISBN: 9781781175156
Man on the Bridge : More Photos by Arthur Fields by Fields, Arthur, Deeney, Cia... ISBN: 9781848893320
Motorcycle Porn : Portraits and Stories by Bott, Frank J. ISBN: 9781682033067
O Mais Parecido Poss�vel : O Retrato by Moura, Di�genes ISBN: 9788599117996
James O'Mara : Encounters by O'Mara, James ISBN: 9788874613144
Human Face by Lange, Dorothea, Torre del ... ISBN: 9788870325843
This Modern Romance : The Artistry, Technique, and Business of Engagement Photography by Williams, Stephanie ISBN: 9781138457942 List Price: $195.00
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