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Gardens, plants, animals and wildlife - all of these elements may inspire a classic photograph you could be really proud of. Of course you must know the best techniques and processes to use when taking photographs of these subjects and themes. That's where we can help - providing you with the chance to buy cheap plants and animals textbooks that give you insight into the best ways to take pictures. Look for Within This Garden Photographs; Nikon Guide to Wildlife Photography, Vol 1; Discover the Northern Territory; and Classic Wildlife Photography among our collection. If you wish to rent used plants and animals textbooks you can do so - simply check and see whether the rental option appears for your particular choice of book. With so many great and insightful titles to look at, you'll certainly find the ones that will help you expand your knowledge - whatever stage you're at.

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Nikon Guide to Wildlife Photography, Vol. 1 by Peterson, B. Moose, Ridgway... ISBN: 9781883403065 List Price: $29.95
Within This Garden Photographs by Neff, Terry A., Thorne-Thom... ISBN: 9780932026309 List Price: $29.95
Bird Photographer of the Year by Bird Photographer of the Year ISBN: 9780008175238
Classic Wildlife Photography by Hosking, David ISBN: 9781853680335
Mastering Wildlife Photography by Garvey-Williams, Richard ISBN: 9781781450864
Wild Beasts by Bruant, Nicolas, Heminway, ... ISBN: 9780811803380 List Price: $22.95
Discover the Northern Territory by Burt, Jocelyn ISBN: 9781875560585 List Price: $19.95
Photographing Nature by Wolfe, Art ISBN: 9780937649190 List Price: $13.90
Photographing Nature by Wolfe, Art ISBN: 9780937649121 List Price: $13.90
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