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Nudes in photography are a common and familiar area to look into when you need inspiration to influence your own photography. If you have a passion for this subject it makes sense to support that passion with the right text books. Whether you are at college or you just want to expand on your hobby, we've got the books to help you learn more. Buy used nudes textbooks on photography today and explore the likes of Fully Exposed: The Male Nude in Photography; Half Century of Nudes: Traditional, Animated and Stereoscopic Photographs; and Photographing Beautiful Women. With many other potential titles to borrow or buy, you can see why Valore Books has such a popular marketplace. We buy back nudes books regularly as well, so you can never be sure how many superb books you'll find. So there is all the more reason to keep coming back to get more discounted and affordable priced deals.

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Fully Exposed The Male Nude in Photography by Cooper, Emmanuel ISBN: 9780415032803 List Price: $38.95
Naked and the Lens : A Guide for Nude Photography by Benjamin, Louis ISBN: 9781138457867 List Price: $195.00
Half Century of Nudes : Traditional, Animated and Stereoscopic Photographs by Falk, Byron A., Falk, Byron A. ISBN: 9780899020501 List Price: $57.50
Photographing Beautiful Women by Howes, Geoff ISBN: 9780809571147 List Price: $32.95
Male Nude in Contemporary Photography by Davis, Melody D. ISBN: 9781566391986 List Price: $24.95
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