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With several hundred titles to choose from you'll find all the bargains you could want in our selection of philosophy text books. Here you have a chance to buy cheap general textbooks concerning history and surveys topics. From Voyage of Discovery: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy, to Philosophy: History and Problems, you can see how many different and in depth text books there are on this subject. We buy back general books as well, so you will always have somewhere to go if you want to get rid of a collection you already own. With 'own it' links next to some of the books we stock here, you'll see how much you could earn for selling back something you have already. Either that or you can buy used general textbooks now and extend your studies in the philosophical area. Valore Books is the #1 site of choice for many people and you could become one of them.

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Living Philosophy : A Historical Introduction to Philosophical Ideas by Vaughn, Lewis ISBN: 9780199985500 List Price: $89.95
Cambridge History of Philosophy 1870#x2013;1945 by Baldwin, Thomas ISBN: 9781107628830 List Price: $60.00
Listening to Ourselves : A Multilingual Anthology of African Philosophy by Jeffers, Chike, Thiong'o, N... ISBN: 9781438447445 List Price: $26.95
Of Learned Ignorance by Cusanus, Nicolas, Heron, Fa... ISBN: 9780598881663 List Price: $65.10
Problem of Philosophical Progress by Blackford, Russell, Broderi... ISBN: 9781119210115 List Price: $99.95
Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy by Haakonssen, Knud ISBN: 9781107616868 List Price: $0.50
Aboriginal Environmental Knowledge : Rational Reverence by Laudine, Catherine ISBN: 9781138249837
Hermeneutics of African Philosophy : Horizon and Discourse by Serequeberhan, Tsenay ISBN: 9781138174863
Introduction to African Legal Philosophy by Murungi, John ISBN: 9781498556477
Philosophy in Seven Sentences : A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic by Groothuis, Douglas ISBN: 9781458764270 List Price: $19.99
Short History of African Philosophy by Hallen, Barry, Hallen, B. ISBN: 9780253109187 List Price: $13.55
African Material Culture by Arnoldi, Mary Jo, Hardin, K... ISBN: 9780253116635 List Price: $20.75
Short History of Nineteenth-Century Philosophy by Rasmussen, Joel D. S. ISBN: 9781848856479
Dialectical Tradition in South Africa by Nash, Andrew ISBN: 9781138871281
Marsile Ficin (1433-1499) by Marcel, Raymond ISBN: 9782251344249
Hugo Sneyth et Ses Questions de L'�me by Pajda, Zbigniew ISBN: 9782711612772
Hundred Years of British Philosophy by Metz, Rudolph, Harney, J. W... ISBN: 9780598425171 List Price: $200.00
History of Philosophy by Erdmann, Johann Eduard, Hou... ISBN: 9780598657862 List Price: $200.00
History of Philosophy by Erdmann, Johann Eduard, Hou... ISBN: 9780598657886 List Price: $200.00
History of Philosophy by Erdmann, Johann Eduard, Hou... ISBN: 9780598657879 List Price: $114.10
Derrida and Deconstruction by Silverman, Hugh J. ISBN: 9781138457577
Al-Taqlid Wa-Al-Hadathah Wa-Ma Bada Al-Hadathah Fi Al-Majal Al-Arabi by Sayf, Antuwan, Awn, Mushir ... ISBN: 9789953688701
Community, Immunity and the Proper : Roberto Esposito by Bird, Greg, Short, Jon ISBN: 9781138057487
Popular History of Philosophy by De la Torre, Teodoro ISBN: 9780912414485 List Price: $12.95
Philosophical Questions and Discussions by Purcell, Pauline ISBN: 9781909001275
This Is Philosophy of Mind : An Introduction by Hales, Steven D., Mandik, Pete ISBN: 9781119718888 List Price: $34.95
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