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If you are interested in any aspect of horses or riding, you are in the best place to buy cheap horses textbooks on the subject. We can provide a wide range of text books at the cheapest prices, making it easier to get the books you need without spending more money than you have to. We also offer the chance to rent used horses textbooks on occasion, so check each book to see whether that particular one is available for rental. Look for titles including Conditioning to Win: Encyclopedia of Equine Exercise, Veterinary Manual for the Performance Horse, Manual of Internal Fixation in the Horse and The Fit Racehorse II. This should give you an idea of the wide range of diverse and affordable text books we can offer you. We buy back horses books too, so if you want to sell back anything you already have, contact us now for information.

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Principles and Techniques of Horse Training and Management by Webb, S. P., McCall, C. A.,... ISBN: 9780896411623 List Price: $13.95
Veterinary Manual F/performance Horse by Wagoner, Don M., Loving, Na... ISBN: 9780935842067 List Price: $75.00
The Fit Racehorse II by Ivers, Tom, Equine Research... ISBN: 9780935842081 List Price: $85.00
Training Aids by Edwards, Elwyn H. ISBN: 9780851315287
Gibby the Memoirs of a Horsey Man by Gibson, Francis, Gibson, F. E. ISBN: 9780851312774
Training Your Horse or Pony by Goldstone, Diana ISBN: 9781852591137
Conditioning to Win Encyclopedia of Equine Exercise by Equine Research, Inc. Resea... ISBN: 9780935842029 List Price: $38.00
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