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Whether you are studying performing arts as a prospective career or just because it is something you enjoy, it will bring you many skills that you can use in all areas of life. Performing in front of large crowds of people can be a nerve-wracking experience, but as you fine-tune your skills in rehearsals you will grow in confidence, and this new-found confidence and belief in yourself will benefit you in every area of your life. Communication is a key part of performing arts, so whether you intend to or not, your communication skills will improve. We have an extensive range of discounted performing arts textbooks for you to buy or rent. The topics are wide ranging and cover, film, television audiences, living theatre, sight, sound and motion, film production and theatrical design to name but a few. By ordering your performing arts textbooks here you will save yourself a lot of money as our books are the cheapest available and are far cheaper than the books in your college bookshop.

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Professional Storyboarding : Rules of Thumb by Paez, Sergio ISBN: 9781138428485
Preparing for Takeoff : Preproduction for the Independent Filmmaker by Vincie, Arthur ISBN: 9781138426115 List Price: $195.00
Studies in the Arab Theater and Cinema by Landau, Jacob M. ISBN: 9781138642034
Chinese and Japanese Films on the Second World War by Tam, King-fai, Tsu, Timothy... ISBN: 9781138577091
Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video by Rea, Peter W., Irving, Davi... ISBN: 9781138460379 List Price: $195.00
Guerrilla TV : Low Budget Programme Making by Lewis, Ian ISBN: 9781138460492 List Price: $195.00
Raindance Writers' Lab : Write + Sell the Hot Screenplay by Grove, Elliot ISBN: 9781138466340 List Price: $195.00
Screen Adaptation : A Scriptwriting Handbook by Portnoy, Kenneth ISBN: 9781138466333 List Price: $195.00
Screenwriting Tips, You Hack : 150 Practical Pointers for Becoming a Better Screenwriter by Bennett, Xander ISBN: 9781138466326 List Price: $195.00
Radio Programming : Tactics and Strategy by Norberg, Eric G. ISBN: 9781138464773 List Price: $195.00
Scenic Art for the Theatre by Crabtree, Susan ISBN: 9781138465978 List Price: $195.00
Writing for Film : The Basics of Screenwriting by Bowden, Darsie ISBN: 9781138465510
Young at Art : Classroom Playbuilding in Practice by Hatton, Christine ISBN: 9781138452213
Shawn's Fundamentals of Dance by Guest, Anne Hutchinson ISBN: 9781138472976
How American Popular Television Was Created (1946-1956) by Ulloth, Dana R. ISBN: 9781495506482 List Price: $239.95
Backstage Pass to Broadway : More True Tales from a Theatre Press by Schulman, Susan L. ISBN: 9781632920744 List Price: $19.95
Building Tradition : Pan Asian Seattle and Life in the Residential Hotels by Wong, Marie Rose, Wong, Mar... ISBN: 9781634059688 List Price: $19.95
After Hours Magic : A Book of Al Thatcher Card Magic by Boyd, Gordon ISBN: 9781622494378 List Price: $35.00
25th Anniversary : Ronald K. Brown Celebrates the Journey: Evidence, a Dance Company by Willis, Deborah, Riley, Che... ISBN: 9781600520389 List Price: $25.00
Directing for the Stage by Williams, Richard ISBN: 9781785003790
Worship at the Keys : A Method Book by McFarland, Donna Gielow, Fo... ISBN: 9781732184206
Faith Hill : The Long Road Back by Dickerson, James L. ISBN: 9781941644232 List Price: $14.95
Colonel Tom Parker : The Curious Life of Elvis Presley's Eccentric Manager by Dickerson, James L. ISBN: 9781941644997 List Price: $19.95
Silent Screen Stars : Spotlighting 6 Silent Stars and 38 Costumes from Hollywood's Golden Ye... by Wolfe, David, Wolfe, David ISBN: 9781942490395 List Price: $13.95
360 Music Industry by Wacholtz, Larry, Wacholtz, ... ISBN: 9781948715003 List Price: $34.95
Reality TV Producer and Director Handbook by Bull, Donald Ian ISBN: 9781948873079 List Price: $6.99
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