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Carry on Understudies : Theatre and Sexual Politics by Wandor, Michelene ISBN: 9781138179981
Classical Theatre of China by Scott, A. C. ISBN: 9781138970878
�Buhol Buhol� / Entanglement : Contemporary Theatre in Metropolitan Manila by Tiatco, Sir Anril Pineda ISBN: 9783034327213 List Price: $74.95
Vsevolod Meyerhold by Pitches, Jonathan ISBN: 9780815378358
Ariane Mnouchkine by Miller, Judith ISBN: 9780815386766
New Dramaturgy by Bly, Mark ISBN: 9781138240858
Muerto Disimulado / Presumed Dead : By �ngela de Azevedo by de Azevedo, �ngela, Hegstro... ISBN: 9781786940711
Complete Drama for Cambridge IGCSE by Courtice, Pauline, Elles, S... ISBN: 9780198366744 List Price: $31.00
Automated Lighting : The Art and Science of Moving and Color-Changing Lights by Cadena, Richard ISBN: 9781138850897 List Price: $165.00
Children, Childhood, and Musical Theater by Leve, James, Ruwe, Donelle ISBN: 9781472475336
Studies in the Arab Theater and Cinema by Landau, Jacob M. ISBN: 9781138642034
Young at Art : Classroom Playbuilding in Practice by Hatton, Christine ISBN: 9781138452213
On Actors and the Art of Acting by Lewes, George Henry ISBN: 9780598747198 List Price: $73.20
Pageantry on the Shakespearean Stage by Griffin, Alice Sylvia Venezky ISBN: 9780598976888 List Price: $77.50
On Actors and the Art of Acting by Lewes, George Henry ISBN: 9780608349817 List Price: $91.80
Texte en Scene : Litterature, Theatre et Theatralite a la Renaissance by Cavallini, Concetta, Desan,... ISBN: 9782812459993 List Price: $40.00
'Hear My Song' : Irish Theatre and Popular Song in the 1950s and 1960s by Greenwood, Joseph ISBN: 9783034319157 List Price: $67.95
Hamburg Dramaturgy by Arons, Wendy, Baldyga, Nata... ISBN: 9780415662451
Dramaturgy and Dramatic Character : A Long View by Storm, William ISBN: 9781316509067
What Is Scenography? by Howard, Pamela ISBN: 9781138504783
What Is Scenography? by Howard, Pamela ISBN: 9781138503052
Acting in Restoration Comedy by Callow, Simon ISBN: 9781557830357 List Price: $39.95
Navigating Ireland's Theatre Archive : Theory, Practice, Performance by Houlihan, Barry ISBN: 9781787073722 List Price: $60.95
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