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How much do you know about mimes and how they work? When they're good they have the ability to make you believe they're trapped inside glass boxes, to name just one of the tricks they use to keep you interested. If you want to learn more, buy used miming textbooks today and enjoy titles such as Mimes on Miming: Writings on the Art of Mime; and Mastery of Mimodrame. It's also worth remembering we buy back miming books too, so if you come back regularly you'll undoubtedly spot some more pre-owned titles you like the look of. College students all over America have already bought thousands of books from us and you can now do the same. Buy cheap miming textbooks now and make your performing arts studies even easier. Even if you don't plan to be the next best mime your local area has seen, you'll appreciate the wealth of knowledge in these discounted books.

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Mastery of Mimodrame by Farley, Todd ISBN: 9780943577012 List Price: $89.95
Roman Pantomime by Johnson, Jory ISBN: 9780415263177
Mimes on Miming: Writings on the Art of Mime by Rolfe, Bari ISBN: 9780915572328 List Price: $15.95
Mimes on Miming: An Anthology of Writings on the Art of Mime by Rolfe, Bari ISBN: 9780915572311 List Price: $8.95
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