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With dozens of superb quality text books on offer in pre-owned condition, you've just uncovered the secret to learning about performing arts on a budget. If this is your college course topic, you can now buy cheap general textbooks on radio topics without spending a fortune. We've got plenty of great titles here, from Modern Radio Production: Production, Programming and Performance, to Radio: A Complete Guide to the Industry. These are just a couple of the many text books that have been published in this area. If you thought it was impossible to get affordable copies, think again. We buy back general books as a key part of our buyback system so you are never far away from pre-owned copies you can afford. Try our website for size and think about whether you should buy or rent used general textbooks from us today. Either way you're onto a real winner.

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Climbing the Charts by Rossman, Gabriel ISBN: 9780691148731
Golden Age of Radio : British Radio, an Illustrated Companion by Gifford, Dennis ISBN: 9780713442359 List Price: $29.95
Big Business and Radio by Archer, Gleason L., Jr. ISBN: 9780598690777 List Price: $177.40
War of the Worlds to Social Media : Mediated Communication in Times of Crisis by Hayes, Joy Elizabeth, Battl... ISBN: 9781433118012
God of Our Consolation by Shaw, M. Thomas, Shaw, M. T... ISBN: 9781561011711 List Price: $9.95
Broadcasters of BBC Wales, 1964-1990 by Price, Gareth ISBN: 9781784614645
Memoirs of a Not So Dutiful Daughter by Murray, Jenni ISBN: 9781407444819
Radio : The Book by Warren, Steve ISBN: 9781138174252 List Price: $165.00
Radio Programming Tactics and Strategy by Norberg, Eric G. ISBN: 9781138412576 List Price: $195.00
Radio Programming : Tactics and Strategy by Norberg, Eric G. ISBN: 9781138464773 List Price: $195.00
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