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Buy cheap reference textbooks with regard to dance and the performing arts from Valore Books today. With titles including the Bibliographic Guide to Dance 1989; French Court Dance and Music: A Guide to Primary Source Writings 1643-1789; and Dance Handbook: A Glossary for Coupledancers, you can see how wide the scope is. However in every case you can buy used reference textbooks that are cheaper than anything you could find elsewhere. We also stock rarities on occasion so watch out for some superb deals on affordable titles that are hard to come by. With plenty of opportunities to sell your reference books back if you wish, you'll always be in the driving seat when you want to get the best deal on dance related reference books. Bookmark the page as well if you want to return for more of the cheapest discounted copies of affordable pre-owned books we have to offer. We've always got something new for you.

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French Court Dance and Music : A Guide to Primary Source Writings 1643-1789 by Schwartz, Judith L., Schlun... ISBN: 9780918728722 List Price: $73.00
Bibliographic Guide to Dance 1989 by New York Public Library Staff ISBN: 9780816171279 List Price: $360.00
Dance Handbook : A Glossary for Coupledancers by Nelson, Thomas Laurence ISBN: 9781930475007 List Price: $180.00
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