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Appalachian Dance : Creativity and Continuity in Six Communities by Spalding, Susan Eike ISBN: 9780252080159
Appalachian Dance : Creativity and Continuity in Six Communities by Spalding, Susan Eike ISBN: 9780252038549
Dance Angles : A Dance Pack for 7-11 Year Olds by Thorner, Rosie, Sandford, D... ISBN: 9781857411010
Complete Guide to Primary Dance by Paine, Lyn ISBN: 9781450428507 List Price: $44.00
Movies, Moves and Music : The Sonic World of Dance Films by Evans, Mark, Fogarty, Mary ISBN: 9781781794449
Royal New Zealand Ballet at 60 by Shennan, Jennifer, Rowse, A... ISBN: 9780864738912
India's Kathak Dance in Historical Perspective by Walker, Margaret ISBN: 9781409449508 List Price: $104.95
Dancing at the Dawn of Agriculture by Garfinkel, Yosef ISBN: 9780292745230 List Price: $40.00
Polka Heartland : Why the Midwest Loves to Polka by March, Rick, Blau, Dick ISBN: 9780870207228
Romantic Ballet in England by Guest, Ivor ISBN: 9781852731700 List Price: $40.00
Sea Coast by Barrett, Jennifer, Ovenden ISBN: 9780685424759 List Price: $8.95
Dance We Must by Shawn, Ted ISBN: 9780598504234 List Price: $50.90
Sex Work and Masculinities : Lap-Dancing Club Customers by Colosi, Rachela ISBN: 9780415856218
Spinning Mambo into Salsa : Caribbean Dance in Global Commerce by McMains, Juliet E. ISBN: 9780199324637 List Price: $99.00
Dance Sonata by Fox, Susan ISBN: 9780941240093
Post-Apartheid Dance : Many Bodies Many Voices Many Stories by Friedman, Sharon ISBN: 9781443875349
Physical Theatres - A Critical Introduction by Murray, Simon, Keefe, John ISBN: 9781138782105
Dictionary of Bharata Natya by Rao, Krishna ISBN: 9780861311552 List Price: $15.95
Talking Dance : Contemporary Histories from the South China Sea by Buck, Ralph, Rowe, Nicholas... ISBN: 9781780764870
Art of Indian Dancing by Bannerji, Projesh ISBN: 9788120700086 List Price: $45.00
Modern Educational Dance by Laban, Rudolf, Ullmann, Lisa ISBN: 9780746305287
Choreographic by Joy, Jenn ISBN: 9780262526357 List Price: $24.95
Neurocognition of Dance : Mind, Movement and Motor Skills by Bl�sing, Bettina, Puttke, M... ISBN: 9780415655712
Shawn's Fundamentals of Dance by Guest, Anne Hutchinson ISBN: 9781138472976
Dame Maggie Scott : A Life in Dance by Potter, Michelle, Murphy, G... ISBN: 9781922182388
Inner Rhythm : Dance Training for the Deaf by Benari, Naomi ISBN: 9783718656745 List Price: $44.95
Femininity, Feminism and Recreational Pole Dancing by Griffiths, Kerry ISBN: 9781138087934
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