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When you want to find out more about a particular dance, it makes sense to buy cheap books to help you access the knowledge you need. Here you have an opportunity to buy used folk textbooks that will unlock the information you need. From Dancing at the Crossroads to Folk Dance Photos of Europe With National Costume Index, you'll see the breadth of information here is quite impressive. Our books are the cheapest ones around, thanks to the fact they are affordable and discounted in pre-owned format. Look for opportunities to rent used folk textbooks as well, because these are able to provide you with a chance to read up on the topic without keeping the books on a permanent basis. We typically provide the discounted prices given, with reductions of as much as 99% on offer. Which books will you rent or buy today to get the deals you want?

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Thai Tales Folktales of Thailand by Vathanaprida, Supaporn, Mac... ISBN: 9781563080968 List Price: $40.00
Dancing At The Crossroads by Helena Wulff Staff, Wulff, ... ISBN: 9781845453282 List Price: $70.00
Multicultural Folk Dance Volume 1 by Lane, Christy ISBN: 9780736071468 List Price: $37.95
Multicultural Folk Dance Guide by Lane, Christy, Langhout, Susan ISBN: 9780880119214 List Price: $9.95
Body,movement+culture by Ness, Sally A. ISBN: 9780812213836 List Price: $18.50
Hungarian Dances by Czompo, Andor ISBN: 9780935496017 List Price: $5.95
Step Lively 3 : Primary Dances by Rose, Marian, Community Dan... ISBN: 9780968756928 List Price: $29.95
Step Lively 2 : Canadian Favourite Dances by Rose, Marian, Community Dan... ISBN: 9780968756911 List Price: $29.95
Ten Folk Dances in Labanotation by Berk, Fred, Venable, Lucy ISBN: 9780685085684 List Price: $15.00
Handbook of Baroque Dance Steps in Labanotation by Backer, Mireille ISBN: 9780932582546 List Price: $10.95
Holiday in Israel by Berk, Fred, Venable, Lucy ISBN: 9780932582089 List Price: $19.95
Square Dancing Everyone by Schild, Myrna M. ISBN: 9780887250798 List Price: $12.95
Multicultural Folk Dance Guide by Lane, Christy, Langhout, Susan ISBN: 9780880119054 List Price: $9.95
Traditionele Vlaamse Volksliederen Ed Dansen by Boone, H., Boone, aH. ISBN: 9789042912847 List Price: $53.00
Japanese Bon Dance in Hawaii by Van Zile, Judy A., Schroede... ISBN: 9780916630270 List Price: $5.95
Voices of the Americas Traditional Music and Dance from North, South and Central America and... by Allen, R., Friedman, R., Mc... ISBN: 9780945017004 List Price: $5.00
Hula! by Stagner, Ishmael ISBN: 9780939154401 List Price: $3.50
Multicultural Folk Dance Volume 2 by Lane, Christy ISBN: 9780736071475 List Price: $37.95
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