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If classical dance is more your thing instead of popular dance, you're in the right place. Buy used classical and ballet textbooks now and be in with a chance of getting some affordable deals. This is what we specialize in - pre-owned text books that can be sold or rented for the cheapest prices. Look for titles including Ballet Basics; Teaching Beginning Ballet Technique; Ballet Beyond the Basics; and Dying Swans and Madmen. There are many other titles here too, because we buy back classical and ballet books from students who no longer need them. This is how our website has become so successful and expanded its collection of text books this quickly. Take full advantage today and get the most from our great collection of affordable text books. If you are just starting out in your studies or you need books to support further learning, we can provide you with just what you need.

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Ballet by Naughtin, Matthew ISBN: 9780810886599 List Price: $80.00
Ballet by Bingham, Jane ISBN: 9781432913748
Young Professional's Book of Ballet - Angela Whitehill - Paperback by Whitehill, Angela, Noble, W... ISBN: 9780871271471 List Price: $16.95
Ballet and Opera in the Age of "Giselle" (Princeton Studies in Opera) by Smith, Marian ISBN: 9780691146492 List Price: $27.95
Ballet Basics by Hammond, Sandra Noll ISBN: 9781559341349 List Price: $17.95
Ballet Technique: Principles for the Horizontal Floor by Hertsens, Marc, Lee, Jesseca ISBN: 9780882478395 List Price: $14.95
Ballet in Western Culture by Lee, Rachel ISBN: 9780205274390 List Price: $33.00
Getting Started in Ballet A Parent's Guide to Dance Education by Paskevska, Anna ISBN: 9780195117165 List Price: $60.00
Teaching Beginning Ballet Technique by Kassing, Gayle, Jay, Danielle ISBN: 9780873229975 List Price: $28.95
Gluck and the French Theatre in Vienna by Brown, Bruce A. ISBN: 9780193164154 List Price: $125.00
Ballet Body Narratives : Pain, Pleasure and Perfection in Embodied Identity by Pickard, Angela ISBN: 9783034317863 List Price: $64.95
Reworking The Ballet by Midgelow, Vida L. ISBN: 9780415976039 List Price: $29.95
World Ballet and Dance, 1993-1994: An International Yearbook, Vol. 5 - Bent Schonberg by Schønberg, Bent, Brinson, P... ISBN: 9780198164289 List Price: $35.00
Grand Union by Ramsay, Margaret H. ISBN: 9780820415475 List Price: $41.95
Holiday in Israel by Berk, Fred, Venable, Lucy ISBN: 9780685085608 List Price: $15.00
Ballet Collection by Dance Notation Bureau Staff ISBN: 9780932582256 List Price: $8.50
Encyclopaedia of Ballet by Grigorovich, I. ISBN: 9780785564805
Threebythree by Crist, Linda A. ISBN: 9780962028915 List Price: $25.00
The Young Professional's Book of Ballet by Whitehill, Angela, Noble, W... ISBN: 9780871271488 List Price: $24.95
Legacies Of Twentieth-century Dance by Garafola, Lynn ISBN: 9780819566737 List Price: $70.00
Mirrors and Scrims: The Life and Afterlife of Ballet by Siegel, Marcia B. ISBN: 9780819568755 List Price: $85.00
World Ballet and Dance: An International Yearbook 1993-1994 (World Ballet & Dance) by Schonberg, Bent, Brinson, P... ISBN: 9780198164272 List Price: $55.00
Interactive Beginning Ballet by Kassing, Gayle ISBN: 9780736001373 List Price: $40.00
Ramlila in Ballet by Jain, Rajendra ISBN: 9788170187936 List Price: $98.00
Ballet and Opera in the Age of Giselle by Smith, Marian ISBN: 9780691049946 List Price: $57.50
Ballet Center Work by Martinet, Francoise, Crist,... ISBN: 9780962028908 List Price: $12.00
Ballet in Leicester Square The Alhambra and the Empire 1860-1915 by Guest, Ivor F. ISBN: 9781852730345 List Price: $44.00
Beyond Stanislavsky A Psycho-Physical Approach to Actor Training by Lawson, Joan, Merlin, Bella ISBN: 9780878301430 List Price: $100.00
Bournonville Ballet Technique Fifty Enchainements by Flindt, Vivi, Jurgensen, Kn... ISBN: 9781852730352 List Price: $55.00
Bournonville Ballet Technique Piano Scores by Jurgensen, Knud Arne ISBN: 9781852730369 List Price: $32.95
Ballet Class by Lawson, Joan ISBN: 9780878301645 List Price: $19.95
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