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From Marine Mammals to the Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North West Europe, there are plenty of text books in this part of our website that will interest you. You can buy marine life textbooks online here today and seize some amazing discounted deals on pre-owned text books for college. Look for New Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life; Wild Otters: Predation and Populations; Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals of the World, not to mention many other affordable titles. Whatever you may be studying and whichever discounted books you have your eye on, you can get the cheapest and best books to help you here. We buy back marine life books regularly so there is also the chance to sell back and make some extra money when you do so. Try us for size today and enjoy the best deals on the Valore Books website. Don't miss out on our spectacular collection.

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Marine Mammals by Berta, Annalisa, Sumich, Ja... ISBN: 9780120885527 List Price: $88.95
Marine Mammals Biology and Conservation by Evans, Peter G. H., Raga, J... ISBN: 9780306465734 List Price: $129.00
Larvae of Indo-Pacific Coastal Fishes An Identification Guide to Marine Fish Larvae by Leis, J. M., Carson-Ewart, ... ISBN: 9789004136502 List Price: $156.00
Essays on Statistical and Modelling Methodology for Fisheries Management by Arnason, Ragnar, Davidsson,... ISBN: 9789979541424 List Price: $14.95
Manatees and Dugongs - John E. Reynolds - Hardcover by Reynolds, John E., III, Ode... ISBN: 9780816024360 List Price: $24.95
Connection on the Ice Environmental Ethics in Theory and Practice by Clayton, Patti H., Mason, C... ISBN: 9781566396165 List Price: $26.95
Light and Life in the Sea by Campbell, A. K., Herring, P... ISBN: 9780521392075 List Price: $95.00
Gray Whale by Gray, Susan H., Shelden, Kim ISBN: 9781602790360 List Price: $27.07
Wild Otters Predation and Populations by Kruuk, Hans ISBN: 9780198540700 List Price: $150.00
Synopsis of Biological Data on the Lumpsucker Cyclopterus Lumpus/F2874 by Davenport, J. ISBN: 9789251023303 List Price: $9.00
La Ballena Gris Mexicana Por Nacimiento by Fleischer, Luis A. ISBN: 9789681665401 List Price: $7.95
Whales,dolphins+porpoises by Harrison, Richard, Bryden, ... ISBN: 9780816019779 List Price: $35.00
Visual Introduction to Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises by Stonehouse, Bernard, Camm, ... ISBN: 9780816039227 List Price: $16.95
Marine Mammals and Fisheries by Beverton, R. J., Lavigne, D... ISBN: 9780046390037 List Price: $100.00
Marine Mammals : Evolutionary Biology by Berta, Annalisa, Sumich, Ja... ISBN: 9780123970022 List Price: $89.95
Mediterranean Marine Avifauna Population Studies and Conservation by Medmaravis, Monbailliu, X. ISBN: 9780387160924 List Price: $275.00
Squid As Experimental Animals by Gilbert, D. L., Adelman, W.... ISBN: 9780306435133 List Price: $281.00
Crabs : Global Diversity, Behavior and Environmental Threats by Ardovini, Claude ISBN: 9781633212893
Jacques Cousteau: Whales - Jacquesyves Yves Cousteau - Hardcover by Cousteau, Jacques, Paccalet... ISBN: 9780810910461 List Price: $49.50
Natural History of Whales+dolphins by Evans, Peter G. ISBN: 9780816017324 List Price: $27.95
Natural History of Seals by Bonner, Nigel ISBN: 9780816023363 List Price: $29.95
Research on Dolphins by Bryden, M. M., Harrison, Ri... ISBN: 9780198576068 List Price: $110.00
Oceans Past : Management Insights from the History of Marine Animal Populations by Holm, Poul, Starkey, David ... ISBN: 9781138977396
Otters by Mason, C. F., MacDonald, S. M. ISBN: 9780521307161 List Price: $47.95
Dolphin Cognition and Behavior: A Comparative Approach (Comparative Cognition and Neuroscience) by Schusterman, Ronald J., Tho... ISBN: 9780898596656 List Price: $89.95
Coastal Marine Zooplankton: A Practical Manual for Students by Todd, C. D., Laverack, M. S. ISBN: 9780521400367 List Price: $69.95
Early Development of Xenopus Laevis Spiral by Sive, Hazel L., Grainger, R... ISBN: 9780879695040 List Price: $93.00
Early Development of Xenopus Laevis A Laboratory Manual by Sive, Hazel L., Grainger, R... ISBN: 9780879695781 List Price: $150.00
Bacteria from Fish and Other Aquatic Animals A Practical Identification Manual by Buller, Nicky B., Plumb, Jo... ISBN: 9780851997384 List Price: $120.00
Catalog of the Nonmarine Snails and Slugs of the Samaon Islands by Cowie, Robert H. ISBN: 9780930897994 List Price: $29.95
Making Dead Oysters Talk Techniques for Analyzing Oysters from Archaeological Sites by Kent, Bretton W., Hughes, R... ISBN: 9781878399540 List Price: $10.00
Marine Mammal Sensory Systems by Thomas, J. A., Kastelein, R... ISBN: 9780306443510 List Price: $337.00
Marine Fauna of the British Isles and North-West Europe Introduction and Protozoans to Arthr... by Hayward, Peter J., Ryland, ... ISBN: 9780198573562 List Price: $399.00
Marine Fauna of the British Isles and North-West Europe Mollusks to Chordates by Hayward, Peter J., Ryland, ... ISBN: 9780198575153 List Price: $525.00
Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe by Hayward, Peter J., Ryland, ... ISBN: 9780198540557 List Price: $99.00
Property Rights in the Fishing Industry Proceedings of a Seminar Held in Reykajavik in Novem... by Petursdottir, Gudrun ISBN: 9789979541530 List Price: $14.95
Remarkable Shrimps Adaptations and Natural History of the Carideans by Bauer, Raymond T. ISBN: 9780806135557 List Price: $59.95
Seal, Sea Lions & Otters by HarBrace Staff ISBN: 9780153056161 List Price: $20.50
Utilization of Squid by Sugiyama, M., Kousu, S., Ha... ISBN: 9788170870425 List Price: $50.00
Handbook of Shrimp Pathology & Diagnostic Procedures for Diseases of Cultured Penaeid Shrimp by Lightner, Donald V. ISBN: 9780962452994 List Price: $80.00
Life and Death of Whales by Burton, Robert ISBN: 9780822603788
Diverse Divers - Gerald L. Kooyman - Hardcover by Kooyman, Gerald L. ISBN: 9780387502748 List Price: $149.00
Masters of Ocean Realm by Heyning, John E. ISBN: 9780295974873 List Price: $17.95
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