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Music in Elementary Education by Flohr, John, Tollinger, Val... ISBN: 9780132413961 List Price: $65.00
Music In Western Civilization The Enlightenment To The Present by Wright, Craig, Simms, Bryan R. ISBN: 9780495008668 List Price: $71.95
Music in the Classic Period by Pauly, Reinhard G. ISBN: 9780130115027 List Price: $81.00
Conducting Choral Music by Garretson, Robert L. ISBN: 9780137757350 List Price: $106.60
Teaching Music in Higher Education by Conway, Colleen Marie, Hodg... ISBN: 9780195369359 List Price: $29.95
Music in Bali Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Gold, Lisa ISBN: 9780195141498 List Price: $24.95
Workbook for Elementary Harmony Theory and Practice by Ottman, Robert W. ISBN: 9780137576913 List Price: $92.60
New Approach to Sight Singing by Berkowitz, Sol, Fontrier, G... ISBN: 9780393969085 List Price: $74.06
Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music (Sixth Edition) (Vol. Concise Version) by Burkholder, J. Peter, Palis... ISBN: 9780393113129
Study of Orchestration by Adler, Samuel, Kloth, Timot... ISBN: 9780393102833 List Price: $106.50
Right to Speak Working With the Voice by Rodenburg, Patsy, McKellen,... ISBN: 9780878300556 List Price: $29.95
Anthology for Musical Analysis, Postmodern Update by Burkhart, Charles, Rothstei... ISBN: 9780495189763 List Price: $162.95
Workbook, Volume II for Aldwell/Cadwallader's Harmony and Voice Leading, 4th by Aldwell, Edward, Schachter,... ISBN: 9781439083307 List Price: $78.95
Computer Music Synthesis, Composition, and Performance by Dodge, Charles, Jerse, Thom... ISBN: 9780028646824 List Price: $120.95
Choral Conducting Symposium by Decker, Harold A., Herford, G. ISBN: 9780131333727 List Price: $77.00
Do It! Play Recorder, Vol. 1 by Froseth, James O., Wilder, ... ISBN: 9781579991715 List Price: $6.95
Brief History of Music in Western Culture by Bonds, Mark Evan ISBN: 9780131838604 List Price: $100.20
Music in Theory and Practice by Benward, Bruce, Saker, Marilyn ISBN: 9780072950694 List Price: $73.15
Enjoyment of Music by Machlis, Joseph, Forney, Kr... ISBN: 9780393959505
Rockin Out: Popular Music in America (5th Edition) (MyRockKit Series) by Garofalo, Reebee ISBN: 9780205763788 List Price: $76.20
Oxford Anthology of Western Music Vol. 3 : The Twentieth Century by M'ricz, Kl'ra, Schneider, D... ISBN: 9780199768271 List Price: $42.50
P. Vergili Maronis Opera by Mynors, Roger A. ISBN: 9780198146537 List Price: $45.00
Music Cultures of the Pacific, the Near East, and Asia by Malm, William P. ISBN: 9780131823877 List Price: $81.00
Music in Central Java Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Brinner, Benjamin ISBN: 9780195147377 List Price: $24.95
Opera A History in Documents by Weiss, Piero, Weiss, Piero ISBN: 9780195116380 List Price: $39.95
Performer's Voice Realizing Your Vocal Potential by Dayme, Meribeth Bunch ISBN: 9780393979930 List Price: $21.25
Voice and Diction A Program for Improvement by Eisenson, Jon, Eisenson, Ar... ISBN: 9780205198696 List Price: $133.20
Music of the Twentieth Century Style & Structure by Simms, Bryan R. ISBN: 9780028723921 List Price: $107.95
Medieval Music by Hoppin, Richard H. ISBN: 9780393090901 List Price: $53.25
Programmed Rudiments of Music (2nd Edition) by Ottman, Robert W., Mainous,... ISBN: 9780131380424 List Price: $145.80
Ensemble Culture Et Societe by Comeau, Raymond F., Lamoure... ISBN: 9780470002902 List Price: $84.95
Comprehensive Choral Music Education by Hylton, John ISBN: 9780130452870 List Price: $128.80
Caribbean Currents Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae by Manuel, Peter, Bilby, Kenne... ISBN: 9781566393393 List Price: $26.95
Twentieth-Century Music An Introduction by Salzman, Eric ISBN: 9780130959416 List Price: $81.00
Workbook, Volume I for Aldwell/Cadwallader's Harmony and Voice Leading, 4th by Aldwell, Edward, Schachter,... ISBN: 9781439083253 List Price: $73.95
2-CD Set for Campbell/Brody's Rock and Roll: An Introduction, 2nd by Michael Campbell, James Brody ISBN: 9780534642976 List Price: $71.95
Opera by Garrod, H. W., Wickham, E. ... ISBN: 9780198146186 List Price: $50.00
Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka ISBN: 9780073327136
Art of Strict Musical Composition by Kirnberger, Jonann P., Thym... ISBN: 9780300024838 List Price: $50.00
Music in the United States A Historical Introduction by Hitchcock, H. Wiley ISBN: 9780139076435 List Price: $81.00
Survey of Choral Music by Ulrich, Homer ISBN: 9780155848634 List Price: $76.95
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