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World Music : A Global Journey by Miller, Terry E., Shahriari... ISBN: 9780415717816
Complete Guide to Brass Instruments And Technique by Whitener, Scott, Whitener, ... ISBN: 9780534509880 List Price: $111.95
Listen by Kerman, Joseph, Tomlinson, ... ISBN: 9780312434199 List Price: $77.95
Recordings: for Jazz by DeVeaux, Scott, Giddins, Gary ISBN: 9780393933796
Practice of Harmony by Spencer, Peter, Bennett, Ba... ISBN: 9780205717194 List Price: $152.00
Experience Music w/ 3 CDs and Connect Music Plus Access Card by Charlton, Katherine ISBN: 9780077516567 List Price: $99.06
Well-Tempered Keyboard Teacher by Uszler, Marienne, Gordon, S... ISBN: 9780028647883 List Price: $111.95
Music Business Primer by Rapaport, Diane Sward ISBN: 9780130340771 List Price: $39.40
American Popular Music The Rock Years by Starr, Larry, Waterman, Chr... ISBN: 9780195300529 List Price: $47.95
Listen by Kerman, Joseph, Tomlinson, ... ISBN: 9780312593469 List Price: $67.33
Pointers on C by Kenneth Reek ISBN: 9780673999863 List Price: $133.80
Experience Music! with 2 Audio CDs by Charlton, Katherine, Hickok... ISBN: 9780077260705 List Price: $96.88
Music in China by Lau, Frederick ISBN: 9780195301243 List Price: $24.95
Inside the Music Industry Creativity, Process, and Business by Fink, Michael ISBN: 9780028707648 List Price: $107.95
Harmonization at the Piano by Frackenpohl, Arthur ISBN: 9780697043931 List Price: $89.69
Tonal Harmony With an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music by Kostka, Stefan M., Payne, D... ISBN: 9780072852608 List Price: $82.75
Progressive Sight Singing by Krueger, Carol ISBN: 9780195386042 List Price: $75.95
Music in Childhood: Multimedia Update (with CD-ROM and Audio/Video Resource Center Printed A... by Campbell, Patricia Shehan, ... ISBN: 9780495572138 List Price: $108.95
On Piano Playing Motion, Sound and Expression by Sandor, Gyorgy ISBN: 9780028722801 List Price: $72.95
Exploring Music Literature With Score Anthology by Fink, Michael ISBN: 9780028648446 List Price: $138.95
Techniques of the Contemporary Composer by Cope, David ISBN: 9780028647371 List Price: $88.95
Directing the Choral Music Program by Phillips, Kenneth H. ISBN: 9780195132823 List Price: $69.95
Carnival Music in Trinidad Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Dudley, Shannon, Wade, Bonn... ISBN: 9780195138320 List Price: $49.95
Voice and Voice Therapy, The (8th Edition) by Daniel R. Boone, Stephen C.... ISBN: 9780205609536 List Price: $140.80
Jazz by Tirro, Frank P. ISBN: 9780393963687 List Price: $46.90
Anthology for Sight Singing by Karpinski, Gary S., Kram, R... ISBN: 9780393973822 List Price: $60.71
Introduction to America's Music by Crawford, Richard ISBN: 9780393944075 List Price: $102.25
Enjoyment of Music,chronological Ver. by Machlis, Joseph, Forney, Kr... ISBN: 9780393966435 List Price: $45.00
Music of Canada by McGee, Timothy J. ISBN: 9780393953763 List Price: $19.00
Music Listening Today With Enhanced Cds by Hoffer, Charles R. ISBN: 9780534515713 List Price: $71.95
Cengage Advantage Books: Music Listening Today (with 2-CD Set) by Hoffer, Charles ISBN: 9780495916147 List Price: $54.95
Sight Singing Complete by Carr, Maureen A., Benward, ... ISBN: 9780073127064 List Price: $94.06
Technique of Orchestration by Kennan, Kent, Grantham, Donald ISBN: 9780130407719 List Price: $66.00
Sacred Sound Experiencing Music in World Religions by Beck, Guy L. ISBN: 9780889204218 List Price: $39.95
Music for Sight Singing by Horvit, Michael, Benjamin, ... ISBN: 9780495505006 List Price: $116.95
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