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If you want printed music, the Valore Books collection has everything you could want. College students can buy opera and classical scores textbooks online from our website today, offering discounted prices in the process. Among our collection you will find Symphony 1800 1900: A Norton Music Anthology; Singers' Edition Operatic Arias Soubrette; Tchaikovsky's Ballets: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker; and Norton Scores: A Study Anthology Gregorian Chant to Beethoven. We stock many other affordable options to choose from as well, providing you with all the best text books to support your studies. If you have some books already that you no longer require, you can sell your opera and classical scores books back here to pass on to other students. Find the best of everything when you buy, sell or even rent from the Valore Books website. We're here to make life easier for you - and much cheaper too.

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Norton Scores A Study Anthology Gregorian Chant to Beethoven by Forney, Kristine ISBN: 9780393979459 List Price: $51.15
Petrushka by Stravinsky, Igor, Hamm, Cha... ISBN: 9780393097702
Tchaikovsky's Ballets Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker by Wiley, Roland J. ISBN: 9780198162490 List Price: $84.00
Second String Quartet in F-sharp Minor, Opus 10 by Neff, Severine, Schoenberg,... ISBN: 9780393978025 List Price: $23.75
Symphony 1800 1900 A Norton Music Anthology by Lang, Paul Henry ISBN: 9780393098655 List Price: $59.65
Norton Scores A Study Anthology Schubert to the Present by Forney, Kristine ISBN: 9780393979466 List Price: $53.25
The Beethoven String Quartets: Compositional Strategies & Rhetoric by Ratner, Leonard G. ISBN: 9781887981002 List Price: $25.95
Norton Scores by Forney, Kristine ISBN: 9780393989113 List Price: $58.75
Three Ivans Choreography Nijinska by Cook, Ray G. ISBN: 9780960200283 List Price: $20.00
Giuseppe Verdi : Il Trovatore by Chusid, Martin ISBN: 9780521268479
Giuseppe Verdi : Il Trovatore by Chusid, Martin ISBN: 9780521318914
Beethoven : String Quartet in B Flat by Loader, Alan ISBN: 9780521597500
Beethoven : String Quartet in B Flat by Loader, Alan ISBN: 9780521592321
Giacomo Meyerbeer : Jephtha's Vow - Vocal/Piano Score by Starr, Mark, Letellier, Robert ISBN: 9781443832205
Singers' Edition Operatic Arias Lyric Soprano Light Lyric Soprano by Boldrey, Richard, Pines, Ro... ISBN: 9781877761027 List Price: $49.95
Singers' Edition Operatic Arias Soubrette by Boldrey, Richard, Bookspan,... ISBN: 9781877761034 List Price: $49.95
Dance with the Music: The World of the Ballet Musician by Sawyer, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780521319256 List Price: $32.95
Carmen Vhs by Bizet, Georges ISBN: 9780393991765 List Price: $23.50
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