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Would you like to buy cheap choral textbooks that make your book budget go way beyond its normal reaches? If you only ever buy brand new books for college, you'll know just how expensive they can be. This holds true regardless of whether you buy music books or books for any other subject. Now you can get pre-owned and more affordable books from Valore Books, offering you the chance to enjoy the cheapest selection of text books you could get anywhere. You can even rent used choral textbooks if you wish, giving you the chance to have discounted options to choose from. Look for Eighteenth Century French Cantata; Handel's Dramatic Oratorios and Masques; Bonfire Songs: Savonarola's Musical Legacy; and Medieval Songs and Dances of the 11th-14th Century Europe. These and many other choral titles can be found in our collection. We buy back choral books regularly too, so we can always add new ones to our collection for you to buy or rent.

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Cantata No. 140 by Bach, Johann Sebastian, Her... ISBN: 9780393095555 List Price: $17.05
Eighteenth-Century French Cantata by Tunley, David ISBN: 9780198164395 List Price: $120.00
Roman Monody, Cantata and Opera from the Circles Around Cardinal Montalto by Hill, John W. ISBN: 9780198166139 List Price: $211.50
Handel's Dramatic Oratorios and Masques by Dean, Winton ISBN: 9780198161844 List Price: $65.00
German School by Petti, Anthony ISBN: 9780846439196 List Price: $7.50
Italian and Spanish Schools by Petti, Anthony ISBN: 9780846439257 List Price: $7.50
Italian and Spanish Schools by Petti, Anthony ISBN: 9780846439295 List Price: $7.50
Italian School by Petti, Anthony ISBN: 9780846439165 List Price: $7.50
Smoking and Drinking by Unknown ISBN: 9780846439127 List Price: $7.50
Music in the Age of Chaucer : With "Chaucer Songs" by Wilkins, Nigel ISBN: 9780859914611 List Price: $75.00
Jesu, Ach So Komm Zu Mir: Johann Sebastian Bachs Frammigkeit Im Spiegel Seiner Kantaten (Arb... by Simpfendoerfer, Gottfried ISBN: 9783110137729 List Price: $126.00
Ukrainian Bell Carol : Sheet by Heyde, Zach, Tedesco, Frank ISBN: 9781470634957 List Price: $7.50
Medieval Songs and Dances of the 11th-14th C. Europe (Volume 1) by Unknown ISBN: 9780615114040 List Price: $35.00
Cantata #4 by Bach, Johann Sebastian ISBN: 9780393153361
Cantata, Vol. 140 by Bach, Johann Sebastian, Her... ISBN: 9780393021547
William Sterndale Bennett A Descriptive Thematic Catalogue by Williamson, Rosemary ISBN: 9780198164388 List Price: $300.00
Bonfire Songs Savonarola's Musical Legacy by Macey, Patrick ISBN: 9780198166696 List Price: $180.00
Cantata #4 by Bach, Johann Sebastian ISBN: 9780393150292
Jheronimus Vinders - Collected Works, Part 2 : Masses by Vinders, Jheronimus, Jas, Eric ISBN: 9780895798817
Oxford Book of Easy Flexible Anthems : Simple, Varied Anthems for the Church Year by Bullard, Alan ISBN: 9780193413269 List Price: $28.75
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