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Music students can now buy cheap instruction and study textbooks to help them on their music course at college. With pre-owned titles on such topics as appreciation, conducting, composition and theory, it is easy to find the titles you need. We stock titles to buy or rent including Music: An Appreciation and Anthology for Musical Analysis, so you can see how easy it is to save money on some of the best titles around today. With percentage discounts going as high as 80% and over in some cases, you can enjoy getting money off every title you need. If you rent used instruction and study textbooks from us, you can choose to do so for a quarter or a semester. Whatever choice you make, if you have pre-owned textbooks you no longer want, you can sell your instruction and study books back whenever you like to earn extra cash. We provide you with a win-win situation.

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The World of Music by Willoughby, David ISBN: 9780078025167 List Price: $88.75
Art of Conducting by Hunsberger, Donald, Ernst, Roy ISBN: 9780070313262 List Price: $85.94
Anthology for Musical Analysis by Burkhart, Charles, Rothstei... ISBN: 9780495916079 List Price: $162.95
Study Guide for Use with Music : An Appreciation by Kamien, Roger ISBN: 9780077438876 List Price: $42.50
Norton Anthology of Western Music, Sixth Edition, Volume 3 by Palisca, Claude, Burkholder... ISBN: 9780393932409 List Price: $117.97
Basic Conducting Techniques by Labuta, Joseph A. ISBN: 9780136011934 List Price: $92.20
Conducting : The Art of Communication by Bailey, Wayne, Payne, Brandt ISBN: 9780199347070 List Price: $62.95
Harmony in Context by Roig-Francoli, Miguel ISBN: 9780073137940 List Price: $127.81
Workbook/Anthology for use with Harmony in Context by Roig-Francoli, Miguel ISBN: 9780073137957 List Price: $41.88
Norton Anthology of Western Music, Sixth Edition, Volume 2 by Burkholder, J. Peter, Palis... ISBN: 9780393931273 List Price: $37.50
Instrumentation+orchestration by Blatter, Alfred ISBN: 9780028645704 List Price: $63.95
Training Tenor Voices by Miller, Richard ISBN: 9780028713977 List Price: $72.95
Teaching Music Managing the Successful Music Program by Walker, Darwin E ISBN: 9780028645964 List Price: $98.95
World of Music by Willoughby, David ISBN: 9780073127002 List Price: $72.19
Anthology of Post-Tonal Music by Roig-Francoli, Miguel A. ISBN: 9780073325026 List Price: $55.00
Foundations of Music Education by Abeles, Harold F., Hoffer, ... ISBN: 9780028700113 List Price: $124.95
Form in Tonal Music by Green, Douglass M. ISBN: 9780030202865 List Price: $137.95
Music in Theory and Practice, Volume 1 with Audio CD by Benward, Bruce, Saker, Marilyn ISBN: 9780077254940 List Price: $89.69
Structure of Singing by Miller, Richard ISBN: 9780028726601 List Price: $63.95
Listen by Kerman, Joseph, Tomlinson, ... ISBN: 9780312434199 List Price: $77.95
Practice of Harmony by Spencer, Peter, Bennett, Ba... ISBN: 9780205717194 List Price: $152.00
Experience Music w/ 3 CDs and Connect Music Plus Access Card by Charlton, Katherine ISBN: 9780077516567 List Price: $99.06
Listen by Kerman, Joseph, Tomlinson, ... ISBN: 9780312593469 List Price: $67.33
Experience Music! with 2 Audio CDs by Charlton, Katherine, Hickok... ISBN: 9780077260705 List Price: $96.88
Tonal Harmony With an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music by Kostka, Stefan M., Payne, D... ISBN: 9780072852608 List Price: $82.75
Music in Childhood: Multimedia Update (with CD-ROM and Audio/Video Resource Center Printed A... by Campbell, Patricia Shehan, ... ISBN: 9780495572138 List Price: $108.95
Voice and Voice Therapy, The (8th Edition) by Daniel R. Boone, Stephen C.... ISBN: 9780205609536 List Price: $140.80
Anthology for Sight Singing by Karpinski, Gary S., Kram, R... ISBN: 9780393973822 List Price: $60.71
Enjoyment of Music,chronological Ver. by Machlis, Joseph, Forney, Kr... ISBN: 9780393966435 List Price: $45.00
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