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When it comes to different genres and styles of music, it becomes easier than ever to learn more if you buy general textbooks online. These provide plenty of insight and information on different genres, allowing you to enjoy discounted deals and books you may not be able to get elsewhere. Buy cheap general textbooks from us and save money on every copy, thanks to our practice of selling pre-owned books to college students across America. Look for examples such as Structure of Singing: System and Art in Vocal Technique; Worlds of Music: Introduction to Music of World's People; and Digital Music and Opera Clips: CD-ROM to Accompany Kamien's Music. With these and many other affordable deals available, you'll see why it makes good sense to try our website instead of going elsewhere. Buy at Valore Books today or try the alternative - take the option to rent used general textbooks instead. With this many options you'll always find what you need.

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Wrote for Luck : Selected Lyrics by Ryder, Shaun ISBN: 9780571330935
New Band Director's Guide to Success : A Survival Guide for New Music Educators by Kraemer, Jonathan M., Kraem... ISBN: 9780199992935
Mantra-- "Vande Mataram" by Potadara, Madhava Ra ISBN: 9788186144589
New Mozart Compendium Mass : Vocal Score by Jascoll, John, Jascoll, John ISBN: 9780964301252 List Price: $10.00
Liberty Sings : An Anthology of America's National and People Songs by Harnne, Howard, Wheeler, De... ISBN: 9780897240024
Encyclopedia of National Anthems by Hang, Xing ISBN: 9781442250383 List Price: $95.00
British Music and the French Revolution by Rice, Paul F. ISBN: 9781443821100
O Movimento Filarm�nico No Concelho Do Montijo by Pinto, Jorge Costa, Santos,... ISBN: 9789896893637
Newfoundlander in Canada by Doyle, Alan ISBN: 9780385686211
Solitude/Vientulība by Jackson, Gabriel ISBN: 9780193415928 List Price: $12.25
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