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Some musical genres are represented in the charts more than others. Folk and traditional is not one of the more mainstream genres , but it doesn't mean you can't still get good deals on books on this subject. Buy cheap folk and traditional textbooks now and unlock the history and information on this area of musical styles. Look out for Music in Brazil: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture; Introducing American Folk Music: Ethnic and Grassroot Traditions in the United States; Folk Songs from Century: Larry Sitsky; and Story Behind the Protest Song: A Reference Guide to the 50 Songs that Changed the 20th Century. As you can see there is plenty of depth here - you can learn far more than you may have thought possible. You can sell your folk and traditional books back as well if you wish, since Valore Books has a buyback service that makes this possible.

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Dance to the Fiddle--March to the Fife: Instrumental Folk Tunes in Pennsylvania by Bayard, Samuel P. ISBN: 9780271002996 List Price: $32.50
Music in Brazil Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Murphy, John P. ISBN: 9780195166842 List Price: $24.95
Debating the Past Music, Memory, and Identity in the Andes by Romero, Raúl R. ISBN: 9780195138818 List Price: $95.00
Romancero Viejo by McNair, Alexander J. ISBN: 9781589770348 List Price: $16.95
African Banjo Echoes in Appalachia A Study of Folk Traditions by Conway, Cecelia ISBN: 9780870498930 List Price: $26.00
Saibara: Volume 2, Music: Japanese Court Songs of the Heian Period by Markham, Elizabeth J. ISBN: 9780521105989 List Price: $51.00
Polish Folk Music Slavonic Heritage - Polish Tradition - Contemporary Trends by Czekanowska, Anna, Blacking... ISBN: 9780521027977 List Price: $48.00
Medieval Ballads Chivalry, Romance, and Everyday Life A Critical Anthology by Morgan, Gwendolyn A. ISBN: 9780820431390 List Price: $29.95
Ethnic and Vernacular Music, 1898-1960 A Resource and Guide to Recordings by Vernon, Paul, Haupl, Benno ISBN: 9780313295539 List Price: $87.95
Bulgarian Folk Music by Litova-Nikolova, Lydia ISBN: 9789544309961 List Price: $115.00
Teaching American History With Favorite Folk Songs by West, Tracey, Scholastic, I... ISBN: 9780439043878 List Price: $12.95
More Than Drumming Essays on African and Afro-Latin American Music and Musicians by Jackson, Irene V. ISBN: 9780313230936 List Price: $106.95
Poetics of Slavdom The Mythopoeic Foundations of Yugoslavia by Zlatar, Zdenko ISBN: 9780820481357 List Price: $92.95
Folksongs of the Maritimes: From the Collections of Helen Creighton and Other Distinguished ... by Pottie, Kaye, Ellis, Vernon... ISBN: 9780887802003 List Price: $16.95
Historical Studies on Folk and Traditional Music Ictm Study Group on Historical Sources of F... by Koudal, Jens H., Stockmann,... ISBN: 9788772894416 List Price: $38.00
Historia De LA Cancion Folklorica En Los Andes by Nagy, Silvia ISBN: 9780820405971 List Price: $32.95
Linguistics and Poetics of Latvian Folksongs by Vikis-Freibergs, Vaira ISBN: 9780773506619 List Price: $95.00
Old Jewish Folk Music The Collections and Writings of Moshe Beregovski by Slobin, Mark ISBN: 9780815628682 List Price: $29.95
Hungarian Folk Songs - Bela Bartok - Paperback by Bartok, Bela, Suchoff, Benj... ISBN: 9780873954396 List Price: $21.50
Folk Poetry Of Modern Greece by Beaton, Roderick ISBN: 9780521604208 List Price: $48.00
Listener's Guide to Folk Music by Lifton, Sarah ISBN: 9780871967206 List Price: $11.95
Beethoven's Folksong Settings Chronology, Sources, Style by Cooper, Barry ISBN: 9780198162834 List Price: $125.00
Spanish Ballads by Wright, Roger ISBN: 9780856683404 List Price: $36.00
Folk Songs from Century: Larry Sitsky by Sitsky, Larry, Linton-Franc... ISBN: 9780868194172
Folk by Cohen, Ronald D. ISBN: 9780816053131 List Price: $67.00
Polka Happiness by Keil, Charles, Keil, Angeli... ISBN: 9781566394628 List Price: $24.95
Music of the Warao of Venezuela Song People of the Rain Forest by Olsen, Dale A. ISBN: 9780813013909 List Price: $65.00
Greek Folk Songs by Watts, Niki ISBN: 9780892414680 List Price: $16.00
Alan Lomax Selected Writings, 1934-1997 by Lomax, Alan, Cohen, Ronald D. ISBN: 9780415938549 List Price: $31.95
Yiddish Song Book - Jerry Silverman - Paperback by Silverman, Jerry ISBN: 9780812861303
Introducing American Folk Music by Lornell, Christopher ISBN: 9780697133830 List Price: $55.75
Votyak Folksongs by Vikar, Laszlo, Bereczki, Ga... ISBN: 9789630549790
Manual de Normas Vigentes en Materia de Direitos Humanos : Actualizado en Julho de 1980 by OAS General Secretariat Staff ISBN: 9780827012035 List Price: $4.00
Folk Songs of the Catskills by Cazden, Norman, Haufrecht, ... ISBN: 9780873955812 List Price: $35.95
British Folk Scene Musical Performance and Social Identity by MacKinnon, Niall ISBN: 9780335097739 List Price: $31.95
British Folk Scene Musical Performance and Social Identity by MacKinnon, Niall ISBN: 9780335097746 List Price: $122.00
Singin' Texas - Francis Edward Abernethy - Hardcover by Abernethy, Francis Edward, ... ISBN: 9780935014075 List Price: $29.95
West African Pop Roots by Collins, John ISBN: 9780877227939 List Price: $74.50
Gypsy Ballads Romancero Gitano by García Lorca, Federico, Hav... ISBN: 9780856684913 List Price: $22.00
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