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Buy cheap discography and buyer's guides textbooks now and gain access to detailed information on all kinds of music. Anthologies and discographies are regularly available here. They include the likes of Anthology of Romantic Music; Anthology of Twentieth Century Music; Decca Labels: A Discography; and Thank You Music Lovers: A Bio-Discography of Spike Jones and His City Slickers, 1941 to 1965. Whatever aspect of music you are most interested in, you may find books here that will support your need to learn more about the subject. Get the most from every cent you have and make buying college books easier than ever. You can also sell your discography and buyer's guides books back if you feel the need; we've always got room for more books. Make sure you get the most from your collection of books and buy new or used ones from us for discounted prices now for the best prices.

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Guide to Long-Playing Records by Unknown ISBN: 9780598591197 List Price: $130.90
Bell and Arto Records : A History and Discography, 1920-1928 by Bryant, William R., Sutton,... ISBN: 9780991527915
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