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Students who are studying to pass their veterinary exams will no doubt want to buy cheap small animal textbooks to assist with their studies. In fact if you want to buy or rent used small animal textbooks, we have a superb selection of options for you to choose from. They are all discounted and if you opt for pre-owned copies you can be sure of getting the cheapest deals. You can opt for titles such as Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat, Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine Expert Consult and Essentials of Small Animal Internal Medicine. Some of the list prices for these and other text books are quite high, so you can save impressive amounts when you get previously owned copies. Look forward to savings of over 50% in some cases, to ensure you get the best deals. We buy back small animal books as well, so bear that in mind later on.

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Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care for Veterinary Technicians by Battaglia, Andrea M. ISBN: 9781416028048 List Price: $50.95
Host-Parasite Evolution General Principles and Avian Models by Clayton, Dale H., Moore, Ja... ISBN: 9780198548928 List Price: $130.00
Manual of Avian Medicine by Olsen, Glenn H., Orosz, Sus... ISBN: 9780815184669 List Price: $69.95
Pigeon Health and Disease by Tudor, David C. ISBN: 9780813812441 List Price: $49.95
Essentials of Small Animal Internal Medicine by Nelson, Richard W., Couto, ... ISBN: 9780801633348 List Price: $115.00
Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat by Greene, Craig E. ISBN: 9780721623399 List Price: $107.00
Fluid Therapy in Small Animal Practice by DiBartola, Stephen P. ISBN: 9780721631820 List Price: $95.00
Bird Parasite Interactions Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour by Loye, J. E., Zuk, M. ISBN: 9780198577386 List Price: $150.00
Small Animal Clinical Techniques - Text and VETERINARY CONSULT Package by Taylor, Susan Meric ISBN: 9781437714531 List Price: $93.95
Cardiorespiratory Diseases of the Dog and Cat by Martin, Mike, Corcoran, Bre... ISBN: 9780632032983 List Price: $59.95
Host-Parasite Evolution: General Principles and Avian Models by Clayton, Dale H., Moore, Ja... ISBN: 9780198548935 List Price: $129.50
Enteroclysis A New Radiographic Technique for Evaluation of the Small Intestine of the Dog by Wolvekamp, Willem T. ISBN: 9780813801278 List Price: $34.95
Color Atlas of Small Animal Dermatology A Guide to Diagnosis by Wilkinson, George T., Harve... ISBN: 9780723418986 List Price: $169.00
Canine Parvovirus: A New Pathogen by Vella, C., Ketteridge, S. W. ISBN: 9780387543147 List Price: $32.00
Medical and Genetic Aspects of Purebred Dogs by Clark, Ross D., Stainer, Jo... ISBN: 9780964160903 List Price: $103.50
Dog Its Behavior, Nutrition, and Health by Case, Linda P. ISBN: 9780813812595 List Price: $54.99
Canine+feline Nutrition by Case, Linda P., Carey, Dian... ISBN: 9780815115366 List Price: $68.00
Myxomatosis by Fenner, Frank, Ratcliffe ISBN: 9780521049917 List Price: $65.00
Veterinary Dental Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner by Holmstrom, Steven E., Eisne... ISBN: 9781416053880 List Price: $172.50
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Oversight of Avian Influenza : Audit Report by Young, Robert W. ISBN: 9781422307663 List Price: $15.00
Canine Distemper Virus by Appel, M. J., Gillespie, J. H. ISBN: 9780387810591 List Price: $45.00
Atlas and Textbook of Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat by Nautrup, Cordula Poulsen, T... ISBN: 9781884254499 List Price: $149.00
Radiology and Ultrasound of Urogenital Diseases in Dogs and Cats by Ackerman, Norman ISBN: 9780813815275 List Price: $44.95
Compendium of Small Animal Surgery by Leighton, Robert L., Jones,... ISBN: 9780813803661 List Price: $44.95
Atlas of Canine Surgical Techniques by Bedford, P. G. C. ISBN: 9780632011544 List Price: $79.95
Treatment of Dogs by Homeopathy by Sheppard, K. ISBN: 9780846410560 List Price: $7.95
Treatment of Cats by Homeopathy by Sheppard, K. ISBN: 9780846410553 List Price: $7.95
Feline Medicine by Wolf ISBN: 9780721658445
Genetic Diseases of Dogs A Guide to Diagnosis and Control by Patterson ISBN: 9780815143802 List Price: $44.95
Cancer In Dogs And Cats: Medical and Surgical Management by Morrison, Wallace B. ISBN: 9780683061055 List Price: $99.95
Rescuing Rover A First Aid and Disaster Guide for Dog Owners by Heath, Sebastian E. ISBN: 9781557531025 List Price: $9.95
Radiology of Urogenital Diseases in Dogs & Cats by Ackerman, Norman ISBN: 9780813815138 List Price: $20.95
Clinical Endocrinology of Dogs and Cats : An Illustrated Text by Rijnberk, Adam, Hazewinkel,... ISBN: 9780792334156 List Price: $195.00
Exotic Medicine Library by Ritchie, Branson W., Harris... ISBN: 9780963699626 List Price: $225.00
Canine Dentistry Including a Section on Felines by Frost, Patricia ISBN: 9780964836907 List Price: $14.95
Diseases of Cage and Aviary Birds : An Amateur's Guide by Green, W. T. ISBN: 9781852591533
Pathology of Pet and Aviary Birds by Schmidt, Robert E., Reavill... ISBN: 9781118828090 List Price: $149.99
Pathology of Pet and Aviary Birds by Schmidt, Robert E., Reavill... ISBN: 9781118828007 List Price: $149.99
Handbook of Poisoning in Dogs and Cats by Campbell, Alastair, Campbel... ISBN: 9780470699010 List Price: $92.99
Small Animal Oncology by Morris, Joanna, Dobson, Jan... ISBN: 9780470690406 List Price: $125.99
Essentials of Avian Medicine and Surgery by Coles, B. H. ISBN: 9780470692349 List Price: $103.99
Guide to Canine and Feline Orthopaedic Surgery by Denny, Hamish, Butterworth,... ISBN: 9780470699027 List Price: $192.99
Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat : Clinical and Histopathologic Diagnosis by Gross, Thelma Lee, Ihrke, P... ISBN: 9780470752487 List Price: $409.99
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