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Action Research in Healthcare by Koshy, Elizabeth, Waterman,... ISBN: 9781848601888
Managing a Health Care Alliance : Improving Community Cancer Care by Unknown ISBN: 9780132871372 List Price: $33.95
Mexican Community Health and the Politics of Health Reform by Schneider, Suzanne ISBN: 9780826348869 List Price: $29.95
Vernetzung im Gesundheitswesen : Wettbewerb und Kooperation by Sydow, Jö, rg, Amelung,... ISBN: 9783170199101
Evaluating the Impact of Health Programs : A Primer by Borus, Michael E., Tash, Wi... ISBN: 9780262021784 List Price: $22.50
Health Is Academic : A Guide to Coordinated School Health Programs by Marx, Eva, Wooley, Susan F.... ISBN: 9780882103242 List Price: $28.00
State of Health and Health Care in Mississippi by Azevedo, Mario J. ISBN: 9781628460001 List Price: $75.00
Make up Your Life by Phan, Michelle ISBN: 9780804137348
Shared Governance Implementation Manual - Tim Porter-O'Grady - Paperback by Porter-O'Grady, Timothy ISBN: 9780801663178 List Price: $37.95
Governing Health Systems : For Nations and Communities Around the World by Reich, Michael, Takemi, Keizo ISBN: 9781942108009
Global Health by McCracken, Kevin, Phillips,... ISBN: 9780415557566
Genealogy of a Gene : Patents, HIV/AIDS, and Race by Jackson, Myles W. ISBN: 9780262028660
Going Inter-Professional Working Together for Health and Welfare by Leathard, Audrey, Horder, John ISBN: 9780415092852 List Price: $87.95
Comparison Of Periodic Survey Designs Employing Multi-stage Sampling by Unknown ISBN: 9781568063553 List Price: $40.00
Social Aspects of Health, Illness and Healthcare by Larkin, Mary ISBN: 9780335236626
Environmental Health Policy by Ball, David ISBN: 9780335218431 List Price: $37.95
Qualitative Methods for Health Research by Green, Judith, Thorogood, N... ISBN: 9780761947707 List Price: $129.00
Learning From Success Health Agency Effort To Improve Community Involvement In Communities A... by Cole, Henry S., Stevens, Ma... ISBN: 9780788148507 List Price: $40.00
Reader in Promoting Public Health by Douglas, Jenny, Open Univer... ISBN: 9781412930741 List Price: $120.00
Key Debates in Healthcare by Taylor, Roger, Hawley, Hele... ISBN: 9780335223947 List Price: $47.95
Using Health Data: Applying Technology to Work Smarter by Grain, Heather, Procter, Pa... ISBN: 9780729538893 List Price: $80.95
Doing Exercise Psychology by Andersen, Mark B., Hanrahan... ISBN: 9781450431842
Using the MMPI-2 in Forensic Assessment by Butcher, James Neal, Hass, ... ISBN: 9781433818684
Health and Social Theory (Themes in Social Theory) by De Maio, Fernando, Stones, Rob ISBN: 9780230517417 List Price: $85.00
Diseases of Poverty : Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases, and Modern Plagues by Adams, Lisa V., Butterly, J... ISBN: 9781611687514
Disease Control Priorities by Unknown ISBN: 9781464803468
Key Concepts in Public Health by Mabhala, Andi, Wilson, Frances ISBN: 9781412948807 List Price: $41.95
Garriott's Medicolegal Aspects of Alcohol by Caplan, Yale H., Goldberger... ISBN: 9781936360888
Trauma and Recovery on War's Border : A Guide for Global Health Workers by Allden, Kathleen, Murakami,... ISBN: 9781611686944
Standard Handbook of Enviromental Science, Health, and Technology by Lehr, Jay H., Lehr, Janet K. ISBN: 9780070383098 List Price: $150.00
Understanding Health Policy by Bodenheimer, Thomas S. ISBN: 9780838590751 List Price: $39.95
Health 97/98 by Yarian, Richard ISBN: 9780697372819 List Price: $17.40
Team Performance in Health Care Assessment and Development by Heinemann, Gloria D., Zeiss... ISBN: 9780306467073 List Price: $159.00
Global Health Watch 3: An Alternative World Health Report by Sengupta ISBN: 9781780320342 List Price: $107.95
Science and Public Health in Twentieth Century Asia by Bu, Liping , Stapleton, Dar... ISBN: 9780415665667
Implementing the New Community Care by Lewis, Jane, Glennerster, H... ISBN: 9780335196104 List Price: $101.95
Implementing the New Community Care by Lewis, Jane, Glennerster, H... ISBN: 9780335196098 List Price: $49.95
Health Care Systems Moral Conflicts in European and American Public Policy by Scrivener, Martin ISBN: 9781556080456 List Price: $252.00
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