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You might be surprised at just how many text books we have in the subject of psychiatry. This section alone provides several hundred opportunities to buy general textbooks online in this area. Look for a Casebook in Abnormal Psychology or search for Bad Therapy: Master Therapists Share Their Worst Failures. Whatever books you want you can be sure of finding discounted opportunities to save money and get pre-owned text books from us today. Buy cheap general textbooks now and learn how psychiatry has developed and how you can become a better therapist in time as well. We buy back general books regularly so there are always newer titles coming into our collection. With great deals and affordable options available all the time, there's no need to go elsewhere. Trust in our website to buyback all the books you need to learn about psychiatry today. You'll be glad you didn't buy brand new!

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Biological Psychiatry : A Handbook by Zingun, Jeffrey R. ISBN: 9780683093803
Psychiatry : An Evidence-Based Text by Puri, Basant K., Treasaden,... ISBN: 9781482299472
Longitudinal Research in Occupational Health Psychology by Taris, Toon W. ISBN: 9781138098954
100 Cases in Psychiatry by Wright, Barry, Dave, Subodh... ISBN: 9781138373761
Psychopathology in the Workplace : Recognition and Adaptation by Thomas, Jay C., Hersen, Michel ISBN: 9781138996915
Psychiatric Ideologies and Institutions by Strauss, Anselm L. ISBN: 9781138530980
Clinical Intervieiwng, Second Edition, Instructor' S Manual by Sommers-Flanagan, Rita ISBN: 9780471297161 List Price: $25.00
Training Psychiatrists for the '90s : Issues and Recommendations by Nadelson, Carol C., Nadelso... ISBN: 9780608212319 List Price: $74.80
Psychiatric House Calls by Talbott, John A., Talbott, ... ISBN: 9780608213620 List Price: $116.90
Cure and Care of Neuroses : Theory and Practice of Behavioral Psychotherapy by Marks, Isaac Meyer ISBN: 9780608213743 List Price: $107.60
Psychosocial Treatment Research in Psychiatry : A Task Force Report of the American Psychiat... by American Psychiatric Associ... ISBN: 9780608213446 List Price: $32.90
Reflections on Modern Psychiatry by Kupfer, David J., Kupfer, D... ISBN: 9780608213378 List Price: $49.30
Psychiatric Consultation in the Workplace by Sperry, Len ISBN: 9780608214115 List Price: $88.10
Psychiatric Treatment : Advances in Outcome Research by Mirin, Steven M., Mirin, St... ISBN: 9780608214016 List Price: $107.60
Medical Inquiries and Observations, upon the Diseases of the Mind by Rush, Benjamin ISBN: 9780608403502 List Price: $113.80
Emergencies in Psychiatry in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Second Edition by Rangaswamy, Thara, Vijayaku... ISBN: 9781138300194
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