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Where would the world be without nurses? Throughout history, they have been unsung heroes that have cared for our soldiers and nurtured our families. Nurses are as tough as nails while possessing the unique ability to soothe those who need it most. For example, Florence Nightingale, the most famous nurse in history, was so bold that she nearly reformed the whole British military health system. Also, very few know that Walt Whitman was a volunteer nurse who gave his all during the Civil War to nurture soldiers. The same is true with Mary Todd Lincoln; she was a nurse during the Civil War, helping soldiers find health. For today's aspiring nurses or registered nurses in continuing education, we offer a wide variety of used Nursing textbooks including Fundamentals of Nursing, Child Care Nursing, Maternal-Newborn Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Respiratory Nursing and more. By shopping with us online, we will save you money on college textbooks and send them directly to your home. No more college bookstore lines! Instead, enjoy a few extra hours with friends or take a much needed breather. Our used books are in great condition and easy to browse. Search now for the Nursing textbooks you are looking for by author, title and/or ISBN number.

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Foundations of Nursing and Adult Health Nursing Package by Christensen, Barbara Laurit... ISBN: 9780323058742 List Price: $114.00
Neuman Systems Model by Neuman, Betty, Fawcett, Jac... ISBN: 9780130278562 List Price: $82.95
Success! For The Nursing Assistant A Complete Review by Heinze, Eileen ISBN: 9780131144941 List Price: $28.80
Rapid Nursing Interventions Gerontologic by Delmar Publishers Staff, Mo... ISBN: 9780827370944 List Price: $52.95
Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Practical Nursing by Yannes-Eyles, Mary ISBN: 9780801656552 List Price: $20.95
Pediatric Nursing by Froese-Fretz, Anne, Eldridg... ISBN: 9781569300671 List Price: $23.95
Nclex-Rn Review by Stein, Alice M. ISBN: 9780827371446 List Price: $33.95
Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership by Marriner-Tomey, Ann ISBN: 9780323028646 List Price: $48.95
Nursing Research by Watson, Roger, McKenna, Hug... ISBN: 9780443102776 List Price: $44.95
Critical Incidents in Nursing Management - Carl Joiner - Paperback by Joiner, Carl, Corkrean, Mary ISBN: 9780838512470
Medication Administration by Deter, Lena L. ISBN: 9781435481725 List Price: $136.95
Handbook for Directors of Nursing in Long-Term Care by Mitty, Ethel L. ISBN: 9780827367777 List Price: $53.95
Medical-surgical Nursing by deWit, Susan C. ISBN: 9781416032236 List Price: $78.95
Understanding the Nursing Process in a Changing Care Environment In a Changing Care Environment by Atkinson, Leslie D., Murray... ISBN: 9780071350785 List Price: $57.95
Psychiatric Nursing Clinical Guide: Assessment Tools and Diagnoses by Varcarolis, Elizabeth M. ISBN: 9780721683362 List Price: $29.95
Healing Yourself A Nurse's Guide to Self-Care and Renewal by Kahn, Sherry, Saulo, Mileve ISBN: 9780827361508 List Price: $37.95
Documentation & the Nursing Process by White, Lois ISBN: 9780766850095 List Price: $44.95
Light Around the Dark by Gee, Elizabeth D., Watson, ... ISBN: 9780887375545 List Price: $43.95
Building a Legacy Voices of Oncology Nurses by Nevidjon, Brenda M. ISBN: 9780867207279 List Price: $72.95
Case Studies in Oncology Nursing Text And Review by Fortenbaugh, Cathy, Rummel,... ISBN: 9780763734558 List Price: $60.95
Mental Health Nursing Care by Eby, Linda Arlt, Brown, Nan... ISBN: 9780130487513 List Price: $38.95
Psychiatric Nursing Diagnosis Care Plans for Dsm-IV by Paquette, Mary, Rodemich, C... ISBN: 9780763702557 List Price: $37.00
Maternal & Child Nursing Care by London, Marcia L., Ball, Ja... ISBN: 9780131723948 List Price: $121.00
Pediatric Nursing Caring for Children And Their Families by Potts, Nicki, Mandleco, Bar... ISBN: 9781401897116 List Price: $132.95
Pediatric Nursing by Stein, Alice M., Delmar Lea... ISBN: 9781401811778 List Price: $25.95
Interpreting Professional Self-Regulation A History of the United Kingdom Central Council fo... by Davis, Celia, Beech, Abby, ... ISBN: 9780415230339 List Price: $135.00
Nursing Issues in Leading and Managing Change by Lancaster, Jeanette ISBN: 9780323002509 List Price: $48.95
Clinical Companion to Medical-Surgical Nursing by Dirksen, Shannon Ruff, Lewi... ISBN: 9780815154204 List Price: $19.95
Nursing Process in Action by Gardner, Pearl ISBN: 9780766822252 List Price: $72.95
Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination by Seidel, Henry M. ISBN: 9780801678806 List Price: $58.00
Contemporary Medical-Surgical Nursing-Clinical Companion by Daniels, Rick, Nosek, Laura... ISBN: 9781401837211
Maternity And Women's Health Nursing by Stein, Alice M., Delmar Lea... ISBN: 9781401811754 List Price: $39.95
Foundations of Nursing by Evans, Cliff, Tippins, Emma ISBN: 9780335225255
Fundamentals of Nursing by Potter, Patricia A., Tashir... ISBN: 9780323030014 List Price: $44.95
Core Concepts in Advanced Practice Nursing by Robinson, Denise L., Kish, ... ISBN: 9780323008976 List Price: $61.95
Virtual Clinical Excursions 3.0 for Psychiatric Nursing by Keltner, Norman L. ISBN: 9780323079693 List Price: $64.95
Delmar's Practice Questions for Nclex-Pn by Miller, Judith C. ISBN: 9781401804039 List Price: $39.95
Long-Term Care Nursing Assistant by Grubbs, Peggy A., Blasband,... ISBN: 9780131180222 List Price: $63.07
In Search of Nursing Science by Omery, Anna, Kasper, Christ... ISBN: 9780803950931 List Price: $62.00
Delmar's Nclex-Pn Review by Miller, Judith C. ISBN: 9780766802995 List Price: $59.95
Being a Nursing Assistant by Wolgin, Francie, Friedman, ... ISBN: 9780131779860 List Price: $32.20
Medical-Surgical Nursing Critical Thinking in Client Care by LeMone, Priscilla, Burke, K... ISBN: 9780805381214 List Price: $92.00
Nursing Consultation A Framework for Working With Communities by Norwood, Susan Leslie ISBN: 9780130617989 List Price: $67.95
Prentice Hall Health's Survival Guide for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants by Burton, Marti ISBN: 9780130920676 List Price: $16.20
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