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Mental Health Concepts: Instructors' Guide by Kalman, Natalie, Waughfield... ISBN: 9780827327849 List Price: $14.00
Care-Giving in Dementia: Research and Applications by Jones, Gemma M., Miesen, Bè... ISBN: 9780415042659 List Price: $79.95
Blueprints for Managed Care Mental Healthcare Concepts and Structure by McGuirk, Frank D., Keller, ... ISBN: 9780788136917 List Price: $25.00
Psychiatric Care of Migrants : A Clinical Guide by Westermeyer, Joseph ISBN: 9780521384933
Mental Health Services and Vulnerable Populations by Wolf, Linda F. ISBN: 9780788171062 List Price: $35.00
Behavioral Science Degree Completion Program by Clayton, Lawrence ISBN: 9780970952387 List Price: $34.95
Mental Health Services - Law and Practice by Gostin, Lawrence O. ISBN: 9780721901978
We Are Accountable by Edelestein, Leonard ISBN: 9780875740249 List Price: $4.00
Living and Working in the Community by Friedman, Steven J., Terkel... ISBN: 9780881350555 List Price: $6.95
Helping the Helpers Not to Harm by Caplan, Gerald, Caplan, Rut... ISBN: 9781138011915
Interdisciplinary Working in Mental Health by Bailey, Di, Campling, Jo ISBN: 9780333948026
Specialist Mental Healthcare for Children and Young People by McDougall, Tim, Cotgrove, Andy ISBN: 9780415520904
Mental Health Care in Japan by Taplin, Ruth, Lawman, Sandr... ISBN: 9780415690683
Promising Practices in Children's Mental Health Vol. VII : A Compilation of Lessons Learned ... by Chavez, Nelba, Arons, Bernard ISBN: 9780756713683 List Price: $30.00
Mental Health Services in the Global Village by Appleby, Louis, Appleby, Lo... ISBN: 9780608221588 List Price: $71.70
Mental Health and Social Space : Towards Inclusionary Geographies by Parr, Hester ISBN: 9780470712924 List Price: $110.00
Developing a National Mental Health Policy by Jenkins, Rachel ISBN: 9781138871953
Case Management in Mental Health Services by Sanborn, Charlotte ISBN: 9781138873100
Mental Health in Our Future Cities by Goldberg, David, Graham, Th... ISBN: 9781138884496
Towards Community Mental Health by Sutherland, John D. ISBN: 9781138867437
Recovery from Addiction in Communal Living Settings : The Oxford House Model by Jason, Leonard, Ferrari, Jo... ISBN: 9781138867581
Yale Textbook of Public Psychiatry by Jacobs, Selby, Steiner, Jea... ISBN: 9780190214678 List Price: $125.00
Community Agency Counseling : Programs, Issues and Practices by Meyer, Rick A., Ottens, All... ISBN: 9780205184460 List Price: $45.00
Cambridge Handbook of International Prevention Science by Israelashvili, Moshe, Roman... ISBN: 9781107458321
Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens by Willard, Christopher, Saltz... ISBN: 9781462531264 List Price: $27.00
Cultural U-Turns : Social Health and Changing Realities by Tobert, Natalie, Cornwall, ... ISBN: 9781785920844
Managed Mental Health Care : Administrative and Clinical Issues by Feldman, Judith L., Feldman... ISBN: 9780608213538 List Price: $136.80
Psychiatric Care of Migrants : A Clinical Guide by Westermeyer, Joseph ISBN: 9780608214061 List Price: $75.10
Partnering for Recovery in Mental Health : A Practical Guide to Person-Centered Planning by Tondora, Janis, Miller, Reb... ISBN: 9781118388532 List Price: $51.95
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