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Health Economics and Policy by Henderson, James W. ISBN: 9780324645187 List Price: $219.95
Health Politics and Policy by Litman, Theodor J. ISBN: 9780827367760 List Price: $154.95
Governing Health The Politics of Health Policy by Weissert, Carol S., Weisser... ISBN: 9780801884313 List Price: $65.00
Health Policy: The Decade Ahead by Brasfield, James M. ISBN: 9781588267979 List Price: $22.50
Health Care Policy Issues and Trends by Kronenfeld, Jennie J. ISBN: 9780275974657 List Price: $36.95
Consumer Survey Information In A Reforming Health Care System by Knickman, James R., Gaus, C... ISBN: 9780788176630 List Price: $30.00
General Practice Under the National Health Service 1948-1997 by Loudon, Irvine, Horder, Joh... ISBN: 9780198206750 List Price: $199.00
Primary Care in the Driver's Seat Organizational Reform In European Primary Care by Saltman, Richard B., Rico, ... ISBN: 9780335213665 List Price: $140.00
Understanding Health Policy by Baggott, Rob ISBN: 9781861346308 List Price: $34.95
Healthcare Reform in America A Reference Handbook by Kronenfeld, Jennie J. ISBN: 9781576079775 List Price: $50.00
Managing Drug Supply The Selection, Procurement, Distribution, and Use of Pharmaceuticals by Management Sciences for Hea... ISBN: 9781565490475 List Price: $95.00
Health Care Policy Process by Barker, Carol ISBN: 9780803976283 List Price: $47.95
Information Management in Health Services by Keen, Justin ISBN: 9780335191161 List Price: $34.95
Global Challenge of Health Care Rationing by Coulter, Angela, Ham, Chris ISBN: 9780335204632 List Price: $49.95
Community-based Mass Prophylaxis A Planning Guide for Public Health Preparedness by Hupert, Nat Haniel ISBN: 9780756746131 List Price: $25.00
Clinical Decision Making by Eddy, David M. ISBN: 9780763701437 List Price: $38.50
Health Economics and Policy With Economic Applications Access Code by Henderson, James W. ISBN: 9780324260007 List Price: $211.95
Problem of Health Technology Policy Implications for Modern Health Care Systems by Lehoux, Pascale ISBN: 9780415953498 List Price: $31.95
Managing Medicine Public Policy and Therapeutic Drugs by Davis, P. ISBN: 9780335192922 List Price: $49.95
Health and Health Care Policy A Social Work Perspective by Allyn and Bacon Editorial S... ISBN: 9780205306725 List Price: $51.20
International Health Care Reform A Legal, Economic and Political Analysis by Flood, Colleen ISBN: 9780415316163 List Price: $55.95
Making Health Policy by Buse, Kent, Walt, Gill, May... ISBN: 9780335218394 List Price: $37.95
Health Care for the Urban Poor - Edith M. Davis - Hardcover by Davis, Edith M., Millman, M... ISBN: 9780865980884 List Price: $32.50
Market Limits in Health Reform Public Success, Private Failure by Drache, Daniel, Sullivan, T... ISBN: 9780415202350 List Price: $180.00
Economics and Politics of Health by Ricardo-Campbell, Rita ISBN: 9780807841402 List Price: $50.00
Health and the National Health Service Conflict and Change in Britain a New Audit by Carrier, John, Kendall, Ian ISBN: 9780485801071 List Price: $49.95
Health Care Policy Issues and Trends by Kronenfeld, Jennie Jacobs ISBN: 9780275974602 List Price: $93.95
Healthcare Infostructures The Development of Information-Based Infrastructures for the Healt... by Diebold Institute for Publi... ISBN: 9780275951573 List Price: $85.00
Persons With Disabilities Issues in Health Care Financing and Service Delivery by Weiner, Joshua M., Clauser,... ISBN: 9780815793793 List Price: $19.95
Controlling Health Professionals The Future of Work and Organization in the National Health ... by Harrison, Stephen, Pollitt,... ISBN: 9780335096435 List Price: $34.95
Making Health Reform Work The View from the States by DiIulio, John J., Jr., Nath... ISBN: 9780815718512 List Price: $18.95
Health Service Policy for Health Service Practioners by Bradshaw, Peter L., Bradsha... ISBN: 9780761974000 List Price: $107.00
Health Care Reform through Internal Markets: Experiments and Proposals - Monique Jerome-Forg... by Jerome-Forget, Monique, Whi... ISBN: 9780815793656 List Price: $15.95
Health Service Policy for Health Service Practioners by Bradshaw, Peter L., Bradsha... ISBN: 9780761974017 List Price: $40.95
Health Policy: The Decade Ahead by Brasfield, James M. ISBN: 9781588267726 List Price: $62.50
Changing to National Health Care: Ethical and Policy Issues, Vol. 4 - Robert P. Huefner - Pa... by Huefner, Robert P., Battin,... ISBN: 9780874803891 List Price: $24.95
Health and the National Health Service by Carrier, John, Kendall, Ian ISBN: 9780485800074 List Price: $90.00
Nhs Data Book by Fry, John, Brooks, David, M... ISBN: 9780852007358 List Price: $90.50
Health Policy: A Critical Perspective by Crinson, Iain ISBN: 9781412922876 List Price: $42.95
Healthcare Professional Workforce : New Directions in Theory and Practice by Hoff, Timothy, Sutcliffe, K... ISBN: 9780190215651 List Price: $49.95
Primary Care In The Driver's Seat? Organizational Reform In European Primary Care by Saltman, Richard B., Boerma... ISBN: 9780335213658 List Price: $49.95
Deconstructing the Welfare State : Managing Healthcare in the Age of Reform by Hyde, Paula, Granter, Edwar... ISBN: 9781138787209
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