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Clinical Application of Outcomes Assessment by Yeomans, Steven G. ISBN: 9780838515280 List Price: $89.95
Health Education and Health Promotion Learner-Centered Instructional Strategies by Greenberg, Jerrold S. ISBN: 9780072878578 List Price: $110.00
Cardiology in Primary Care by Branch, William, Alexander,... ISBN: 9780070071629 List Price: $82.95
Health Promotion Practice by MacDowell, Wendy, Macdowall... ISBN: 9780335218400 List Price: $37.95
Clinical Companion for Health Assement & Physical Examination by Cauthorne-Burnette, Tamera,... ISBN: 9781401872076 List Price: $66.95
Health Care Politics And Policy in America by Patel, Kant, Rushefsky, Mark ISBN: 9780765614780 List Price: $110.95
Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations by Duncan, W. Jack ISBN: 9780534925796 List Price: $58.95
Abuse-Proofing Your Facility A Practical Guide for Preventing Abuse in Long-Term Care Facili... by Pillemer, Karl, Menio, Dian... ISBN: 9780965362931 List Price: $37.95
Practice Teaching in Healthcare by Gopee, Neil ISBN: 9781848601345 List Price: $99.95
St. Anthony's Resources for Integrated Delivery Systems by Duerkson, Coulson ISBN: 9781563293146
Access to Health by Donatelle, Rebecca J. ISBN: 9780805332490 List Price: $111.60
Policy and Practice in Promoting Public Health by Douglas, Jenny, Handsley, S... ISBN: 9781412930727
Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery and Instrumentation for the Operating Room by Rothrock, Jane C., Tighe, S... ISBN: 9780323027168 List Price: $123.00
Handbook of Primary Care Psychology by Haas, Leonard J., Haas, Leo... ISBN: 9780195149395 List Price: $75.00
Dicing With Death Chance, Risk, and Health by Senn, Stephen ISBN: 9780521540230 List Price: $39.00
Small-Scale Evaluation in Health by Griffiths, Lesley J., Snook... ISBN: 9781412930079 List Price: $42.95
Understanding Health Care Outcomes Research by Kane, Robert ISBN: 9780763726287 List Price: $104.95
Health Psychology Theory, Research And Practice by Marks, David F., Murray, Mi... ISBN: 9781412903363 List Price: $108.00
The Retail Revolution in Health Care by Fottler, Myron D., Malvey, ... ISBN: 9780313366239 List Price: $44.95
Qualitative Research in Health Care by Holloway, Immy ISBN: 9780335212941
Politics of Healthcare in Britain by Harrison, Stephen, McDonald... ISBN: 9780761941590 List Price: $81.00
Essential Clinical Medicine: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management (Essential Medical Texts for St... by Gibson, Terence, Rees, John ISBN: 9780521835732 List Price: $130.00
Health Promotion Practice Power And Empowerment by Laverack, Glenn ISBN: 9780761941798 List Price: $93.95
Evaluation in a Nutshell A Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs by Nutbeam, Don, Bauman, Adrian ISBN: 9780074715536 List Price: $31.95
Women's Health in Mainland Southeast Asia by Whittaker, Andrea ISBN: 9780789019882 List Price: $39.95
Our Unsystematic Health Care Scb by Budrys, Grace ISBN: 9781442210684 List Price: $90.00
Your Foundation in Health & Social Care by Brotherton, Graham, Parker,... ISBN: 9781412920407
Newton Messagepad Version of Practical Guide to the Care of the Medical Patient by Ferri, Fred F. ISBN: 9780815131687 List Price: $55.01
Epidemiology for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Professionals by Miller, Richard E. ISBN: 9780789015983 List Price: $69.95
Psychotherapy And Religion in Japan The Japanese Introspection Practice of Naikan by Ozawa-De Silva, Chikako ISBN: 9780415336758 List Price: $120.00
Access to Health by Donatelle, Rebecca J., Davi... ISBN: 9780805378481 List Price: $99.00
Healthy People 2000 National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives Full Report... by U. S. Department of Health ... ISBN: 9780867201796 List Price: $48.00
Wellness Concepts And Applications by Anspaugh, David J., Hamrick... ISBN: 9780073138817 List Price: $66.05
Key Concepts in Healthcare Education by Mason-Whitehead, Elizabeth,... ISBN: 9781849200103
Health and Inequality Geographical Perspectivies by Curtis, Sarah E. ISBN: 9780761968221 List Price: $119.00
Economic Evaluation in U.S. Health Care Principles and Applications by Pizzi, Laura T., Lofland, J... ISBN: 9780763727468 List Price: $83.95
Planning Health Promotion at the Worksite by Chenoweth, David ISBN: 9780697162519
Managed Health Care Simplified A Glossery of Terms by Austrin, Michael S. ISBN: 9780766820500 List Price: $37.95
Primary Care of the Older Adult A Multidisciplinary Approach by Laramie, Joy, Burke, Mary M. ISBN: 9780323023955 List Price: $64.95
Wasting Away The Undermining of Canadian Health Care by Armstrong, Pat, Armstrong, ... ISBN: 9780195410709 List Price: $45.00
Procedure Cards 3e by Rayman, Rebecca J., Skidmor... ISBN: 9781569300541 List Price: $28.95
Promoting Health: A Practical Guide Text and Evolve eBooks Package : Forewords: Linda Ewles ... by Scriven, Angela, Ewles, Linda ISBN: 9780702044564 List Price: $49.95
Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations by Ginter, Peter M., Swayne, L... ISBN: 9780631225867 List Price: $104.95
Our Present Complaint History, Health, and Disease in America by Rosenberg, Charles E. ISBN: 9780801887154 List Price: $52.00
A Guide to Health Care Facilities: Personnel and Management by Sloane, Robert M., Sloane, ... ISBN: 9780910701808 List Price: $32.00
Health Care Politics and Policy in America by Patel, Kant, Rushefsky, Mar... ISBN: 9781563245596 List Price: $40.95
Intervention Mapping Designing Theory and Evidence Based Promotion Programs by Bartholomew, L. Kay, Parcel... ISBN: 9780072552263 List Price: $79.68
Psychology of Physical Activity Determinants, Well-Being and Interventions by Biddle, Stuart J. H., Mutri... ISBN: 9780415235266 List Price: $53.95
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