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2003 Coding Workbook for the Physician's Office by Covell, Alice ISBN: 9781401852108 List Price: $33.95
Understanding Health Insurance by Green, Michelle A., Burke, ... ISBN: 9781401884352 List Price: $20.95
Arts in Health Care A Palette of Possibilities by Kaye, Charles, Blee, Tony ISBN: 9781853023606 List Price: $44.95
WELLNESS CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS by Anspaugh, David J., Hamrick... ISBN: 9780073028378 List Price: $66.05
Access to Health, Books a la Carte Plus MyHealthLab (12th Edition) by Donatelle, Rebecca J. ISBN: 9780321639110 List Price: $80.53
Custom: Database Design & Development Simplified for Health Management by Marselis ISBN: 9781111033293 List Price: $73.95
Emerging Approaches to Chronic Disease Management in Primary Health Care by Dorland, John, McColl, Mary ISBN: 9781553391302
Health Promotion Disciplines and Diversity by Bunton, Robin, MacDonald, G... ISBN: 9780415059817 List Price: $31.95
Health, Welfare & Practice Reflecting on Roles & Relationships by Walmsley, Jan, Reynolds, Ji... ISBN: 9780803987951 List Price: $45.95
Social Significance of Health Promotion by MacDonald, Theodore H. ISBN: 9780415301961 List Price: $145.00
Managed Care State Regulation by Aspen Health Law and Compli... ISBN: 9780834211209 List Price: $106.95
Take Charge of Your Medical Practice...Before Someone Else Does It for You Practical Practic... by Baum, Neil, Zablocki, Elaine ISBN: 9780834207998 List Price: $160.95
Health Promotion Evidence and Experience by Lucas, Kevin, Lloyd, Barbara ISBN: 9780761940067 List Price: $41.95
Building and Managing Effective Physician Organizations Under Capitation by Goldstein, Douglas E. ISBN: 9780834208094 List Price: $286.95
Developing Health Promotion Programs by Anspaugh, David J. ISBN: 9780072505108 List Price: $65.35
Worksite Health Promotion by Chenoweth, David H. ISBN: 9780880115421 List Price: $42.00
Poor Families in America's Health Care Crisis by Angel, Ronald J., Lein, Lau... ISBN: 9780521837743 List Price: $90.00
Last Well Person How To Stay Well Despite The Health-care System by Hadler, Nortin M. ISBN: 9780773527959 List Price: $29.95
Core Curriculum for Medical Quality Management by American College of Medical... ISBN: 9780763730611 List Price: $80.95
The Health Movement: Promoting Fitness in America by Goldstein, Michael S. ISBN: 9780805797251 List Price: $15.95
173. Care of Med...>2nd Prtg.+< by Ferri, Fred F. ISBN: 9780815136682 List Price: $32.95
Irresistible Communication by King, Mark E., Novik, Larry... ISBN: 9780721654294 List Price: $35.95
Physicians As Employees by Aspen Health Law and Compli... ISBN: 9780834211575 List Price: $105.95
Facilitating Treatment Adherence: A Practitioner's Guidebook - Donald Meichenbaum - Hardcover by Meichenbaum, D., Turk, D. C. ISBN: 9780306426384 List Price: $44.50
Health Care Reform in Sweden, 1980-1994 by Twaddle, Andrew C. ISBN: 9780865692893 List Price: $99.95
Health Care Manager's Human Resources Handbook by McConnell, Charles R. ISBN: 9781567261172 List Price: $70.95
Making Managed Healthcare Work A Practical Guide to Strategies and Solutions by Boland, Peter ISBN: 9780834203914 List Price: $224.95
Provider Sponsored Organizations Emerging Opportunities for Growth by Fine, Allan, Dowd, Colleen E. ISBN: 9780834211773 List Price: $170.95
Consumer Health USA by Rees, Alan M. ISBN: 9781573560689 List Price: $93.95
Dicing With Death Chance, Risk, and Health by Senn, Stephen ISBN: 9780521832595 List Price: $113.00
Building Healthy Communities The Challenge of Health Care in the Twenty-First Century by McBeth, Annette, Schweer, K... ISBN: 9780205276189 List Price: $34.00
Understanding Health Care Budgeting by Herkimer, Allen G., Jr. ISBN: 9780871897725 List Price: $155.95
Physician's Guide to Managed Care by Nash, David B. ISBN: 9780834203938 List Price: $156.95
Accessibility and Utilization Geographical Perspective on Health Care Delivery by Phillips, David, Joseph, Al... ISBN: 9780063182769 List Price: $32.95
Functional Status Measurement in Primary Care by Froom, J., Fabb, W. E. ISBN: 9780387971988 List Price: $127.00
Poles Apart Eastern European Attitudes to Healthcare Reform by Disney, Helen, Stockholm Ne... ISBN: 9780954766337 List Price: $27.50
Health Services and Health Hazards: The Employee's Need to Know by Egdahl, R. H., Walsh, Diana C. ISBN: 9780387903354 List Price: $42.00
Dimensions Characteristics and Roles in Client Care by Mandleco, Barbara L. ISBN: 9780805371901
Neonatal Care: A Textbook for Student Midwives and Nurses by Williamson, Amanda, Crozier... ISBN: 9781906052096 List Price: $34.00
Health Care Delivery Under Conflict How Prepared Is West Africa? by Ebiegberi Alagoa ISBN: 9789780309411 List Price: $24.95
Health Policy And Hospital Mergers How the Impossible Became Possible by Sigurgeirsdottir, Si, Sigur... ISBN: 9789979547006 List Price: $50.00
Social Cognitive Development by Flavell, John H., Ross, Lee ISBN: 9780521236874 List Price: $47.50
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