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When you are studying medicine, you will probably realize there are textbooks available on every illness and area of disease you could possibly think of. That's why you can buy cheap AIDS and HIV textbooks from us, to help you learn more about this particular illness. We have the updated text books from each year on this disease, as well as offering books on essential facts about this illness and even a compendium of programs from around the world. Whatever you are in search of, you can rent used AIDS and HIV textbooks from our online marketplace, making it easier than ever to get discounted volumes instead of having to pay the full price. Don't pay cover prices for anything - search our marketplace to find the college books you need. With huge savings on every title and a buyback service available as well, it couldn't be easier to make the most of what we have to offer.

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AIDS Epidemiology: Methodological Issues by Jewell, Nicholas P., Dietz,... ISBN: 9780817636326 List Price: $152.00
Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of HIV/AIDS Infections by Phair, John P., Murphy, Rob... ISBN: 9781884065187 List Price: $29.95
Thinking A. I. D. S. - Mary Catherine Bateson - Paperback by Bateson, Mary Catherine ISBN: 9780201195798 List Price: $7.95
Children Orphaned By Aids Front-line Responses Form Eastern And Southern Africa by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756740320 List Price: $15.00
Aids - Meeting The Challenge Data, Facts, Background by Weinreich, Sonja ISBN: 9782825413517 List Price: $14.90
AIDS Update 2005 An Annual Overview of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome by Stine, Gerald J. ISBN: 9780805373103 List Price: $63.00
Women and HIV Disease Falling Through the Cracks by Unknown ISBN: 9781568064307 List Price: $40.00
Hiv:2 Volumes by Karn, Jonathan ISBN: 9780199635009 List Price: $79.00
Sex, Disease, and Society A Comparative History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AID... by Lewis, Milton J., Bamber, S... ISBN: 9780313294426 List Price: $125.00
Sexually Transmitted Infections and AIDS in the Tropics by Arya, O. P., Hart, C. A. ISBN: 9780851992624 List Price: $140.00
Testing for Hiv What Your Lab Results Mean by Gifford, N. L. ISBN: 9781881818076 List Price: $5.00
Texas HIV-AIDS Community Resource Directory by Unknown ISBN: 9781568065700 List Price: $24.95
Problems With Protease Inhibitor Development Plans by Barr, David ISBN: 9780788123641 List Price: $15.00
Profiles of Activities to Reduce Perinatal Transmission of HIV Assessing the Response by Renaud, Michelle, Kresse, E... ISBN: 9780788173790 List Price: $25.00
Program Development for Community AIDS Outreach by Ashery, Rebecca S. ISBN: 9780788114885 List Price: $20.00
Reflective Helping in HIV and AIDS by Anderson, Charles, Wilkie, ... ISBN: 9780335156313 List Price: $41.95
Reflective Helping in HIV and AIDS by Anderson, Charles, Wilkie, ... ISBN: 9780335156320 List Price: $123.00
Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic, 2002 by Marais, Hein, Wilson, Andre... ISBN: 9780756730314 List Price: $50.00
Av34: Aids Und Die Vorstadien by Unknown ISBN: 9783540656173 List Price: $69.95
Understanding Aids : A Comprehensive Guide by Gong, Victor ISBN: 9780521309721
Behavioral Science in HIV Prevention by Robbins, Anthony ISBN: 9780788137211 List Price: $35.00
Evaluation of Local HIV Service Delivery : Issues, Approaches and Strategies under Title I, ... by Eilbert, Kay, Hines, Rebecca ISBN: 9780788140440 List Price: $30.00
Guide to Selected HIV- and AIDS-Related Information Services in the U. S. by Unknown ISBN: 9780788114687 List Price: $20.00
Current Issues in Research and Treatment of Kaposi's Sarcoma : The KS Project Report by Marco, Michael, Majchrowicz... ISBN: 9780788113864 List Price: $30.00
Guidelines for the Clinical Management of HIV Infection in Children by Unknown ISBN: 9780788110122 List Price: $30.00
Information Services for HIV/AIDS : Recommendations to the NIH by Unknown ISBN: 9780788123474 List Price: $25.00
Sentinel HIV Seroprevalence Surveys by Unknown ISBN: 9780788119149 List Price: $25.00
HIV/AIDS in China (Routledge Contemporary China Series) by Sutherland, Dylan ISBN: 9780415418751 List Price: $130.00
AIDS in India : Myth and Reality by Thomas, Gracious ISBN: 9788170332183
Demographic Modelling of the HIV-AIDS Epidemic by Artzrouni, M. ISBN: 9782881245671
Retroviruses of Human AIDS by Girard, Marc ISBN: 9782901773443 List Price: $59.00
AIDS : The Pathology of the Nervous System by Scaravilli, Francesco ISBN: 9783540197393 List Price: $319.00
Epidemic of the 90's : HIV Disease by DeLorenzo, Lori A., Quinn, ... ISBN: 9781878025890 List Price: $29.95
HIV/AIDS : A 2-Hour Overview by DeLorenzo, Lori A., Quinn, ... ISBN: 9781878025883 List Price: $19.95
1995 Kentucky HIV - AIDS by DeLorenzo, Lori A., Eyler, ... ISBN: 9781878025685 List Price: $9.95
Caring for the AIDS Patient by Lamke, Celia, Stein, Mary ISBN: 9781878025043 List Price: $59.50
Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Pain in Oncologic and AIDS Patients by Portenoy, Russell K. ISBN: 9781884065194 List Price: $29.95
Cytokines in Hemopoiesis, Oncology, and AIDS by Freund, M., Link, H., Welte... ISBN: 9780387522814 List Price: $173.00
Learning about AIDS by Aggleton, Peter ISBN: 9780443051791 List Price: $69.00
HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report : Cases of HIV Infection and AIDS in the United States (2004) by Janssen, Robert S. ISBN: 9781422304846 List Price: $20.00
Reversing the Epidemic : Facts and Policy Options: HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and the Common... by Brown, Mark Malloch, Barnet... ISBN: 9781422304686 List Price: $30.00
Hiv/aids : A Reprint from the Journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases by Drotman, D. Peter ISBN: 9781422306864 List Price: $40.00
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