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Practicum in Healthcare Management : HSM 489 by Cronin, M. ISBN: 9780933195714
Practicum in Healthcare Management : HSM 489 by California College for Heal... ISBN: 9780933195561
Healthcare Planning and Marketing by California College for Heal... ISBN: 9780933195134
Essentials of Health Care Financial Management by Butterfield, Rohn ISBN: 9781418040901
Health Care Systems in Asia and Europe (Routledge Studies in Social Welfare in Asia) by Aspalter, Christian, Uchida... ISBN: 9780415671682 List Price: $125.00
Medical Confidentiality in the Electronic Age by Hutchens, Steve R., Adler, ... ISBN: 9780387986074
Health Economics by Martinez-Giralt, Xavier, Ba... ISBN: 9780415559881
Webster's Marketing Bibliography : Health Care Marketing Management by Webster, Frederick A. ISBN: 9781555756857 List Price: $23.00
Clinical Supervision : Skills for Substance Abuse Counselors by Powell, David J. ISBN: 9780898854428 List Price: $30.95
Selecting a Proprietary Severity-of-Illness System by Geehr, Edward C., Curry, We... ISBN: 9780924674037 List Price: $19.95
Using Outplacement Services Effectively by Kennedy, Marilyn M., Curry,... ISBN: 9780924674112 List Price: $5.95
Improving Quality and Resource Management Analysis by Craddick, Joyce W., Bader, ... ISBN: 9780929197036 List Price: $295.00
Leadership and Management Allied Health Professions by Stanridge ISBN: 9780827386006 List Price: $19.25
Guide to Conducting Healthcare Facility Visits by Zimring, Craig ISBN: 9780963893819 List Price: $27.00
Comprehensive Exit Examination for Undergraduate (B.Sc) Degree Program in Health Care Admini... by Khiwa-Kiwuwa, Edward ISBN: 9780964389922 List Price: $25.95
Business of Managed Care by Gitnick, Gary ISBN: 9780815136835 List Price: $87.00
Business of Managed Care by Gitnick, Gary ISBN: 9780815136811 List Price: $87.00
Business of Managed Care by Gitnick, Gary ISBN: 9780815136804 List Price: $87.00
Health Management Resource Handbook : Companies-Products-Services by Unknown ISBN: 9780760500125 List Price: $475.00
Administration of Health Service by Montacute, Charles M. ISBN: 9780785537564 List Price: $120.00
Digest of Health Service Finance by Tosey, Dan ISBN: 9780785537540 List Price: $45.00
Health Care Reform : State Profiles by Unknown ISBN: 9781572056794 List Price: $45.00
Executive Years of the NHS : The England Account 1985-2003 by Edwards, Brian, Fall, Marga... ISBN: 9781857757590
Innovations in Transportable Healthcare Architecture by Verderber, Stephen ISBN: 9781138847194
Handbook of Healthcare Management by Fottler, M., Malvey, D., Sl... ISBN: 9781783470143 List Price: $255.00
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