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If you've got an interest in math, you'll soon realize there are many different areas of this subject you could explore. If researching the topic happens to be your thing, you can buy cheap research textbooks here and now that will give you some of the best deals you could hope to take advantage of. Buy used research textbooks others have already used and you'll get the cheapest prices you can find. From Radically Elementary Probability Theory, to Only Problems, Not Solutions!, you'll get an idea of how broad this subject can be. We're always on the look out for new additions to bring to our subject as well, such as affordable pre-owned copies of books you may not need any more. We buy back research books regularly to open the way for more sales and rentals to other students. Try our discounted service today or sell back for some ready cash.

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Mathematics by Experiment: Plausible Reasoning in the 21st Century by Borwein, Jonathan, Bailey, ... ISBN: 9781568814421
Radically Elementary Probability Theory by Nelson, Edward ISBN: 9780691084749 List Price: $37.95
Mathematical Research Today and Tomorrow: Viewpoints of 7 Fields Medalists - Lectures Given ... by Casacuberta, C., Castellet,... ISBN: 9783540560111 List Price: $49.95
On Knots by Kauffman, Louis H. ISBN: 9780691084350 List Price: $67.50
Advances in Mathematics Research by Baswell, Albert R. ISBN: 9781634827416 List Price: $190.00
Research Mathematical Papers by Smarandache, Florentin, Boj... ISBN: 9781879585027
Adults, Mathematics and Work : From Research into Practice by Keogh, John J., Maguire, Th... ISBN: 9789004381742 List Price: $55.00
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