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How much do you know about probability and statistics? This can be a challenging area for many people to get to grips with, but we'll make life easier for you by giving you these textbooks. You can buy cheap time series textbooks that reveal plenty about this area of math. They include Applied Econometric Times Series; Time Series Analysis: Univariate and Multivariate Methods: and Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting. You can also sell your time series books back if you outgrow them and want something more involved. We bet you'll always find what you need to buy too, in pre-owned and affordable condition. We specialize in providing the cheapest prices on a wide range of books, and this includes the ones in this section. Don't head to full priced bookstores to find the college text book you're looking for. Trust in us to find you exactly what you need for your math course.

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Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting by Brockwell, Peter J., Davis,... ISBN: 9780387953519 List Price: $119.00
Time Series Analysis Forecasting and Control by Box, George E., Jenkins, Gw... ISBN: 9780130607744 List Price: $120.80
Applied Econometric Time Series, 2nd Edition by Walter Enders ISBN: 9780471230656
Time Series Analysis Univariate and Multivariate Methods by Wei, William W. S. ISBN: 9780321322166 List Price: $84.00
Introduction to Time Series Analysis and Forecasting With Application of Sas and Spss by Yaffee, Robert A., McGee, M... ISBN: 9780127678702 List Price: $120.00
Analysis of Time Series An Introduction by Chatfield, Christopher ISBN: 9781584883173 List Price: $69.95
Site Construction Details Manual by Dines, Nicholas T., Brown, ... ISBN: 9780070170391 List Price: $59.95
Multiple Time Series Models by Williams, John Taylor, Bran... ISBN: 9781412906562 List Price: $18.95
Time Series Analysis by Cryer, Jonathan D., Chan, K... ISBN: 9780387759586 List Price: $97.00
Time Series A Biostatistical Introduction by Diggle, Peter J. ISBN: 9780198522263 List Price: $89.50
Forecasting, Structural Time Series Models and the Kalman Filter by Harvey, Andrew C. ISBN: 9780521321969 List Price: $79.00
Hilbert-Huang Transform and Its Applications by Huang, N. E., Shen, Samuel S. ISBN: 9789814508230
Time Series Forecasting: Unified Concepts and Computer Implementation by Bowerman, Bruce L., O'Conne... ISBN: 9780871500700
Unit Roots, Cointegration, and Structural Change by Maddala, G. S., Kim, In-Moo... ISBN: 9780521587822 List Price: $56.00
Time Series Analysis and Inverse Theory for Geophysicists by Gubbins, David ISBN: 9780521525695 List Price: $80.00
Non-Linear Time Series Models in Empirical Finance by Franses, Philip Hans, van D... ISBN: 9780521779654 List Price: $55.00
Time Series Analysis, Identification and Adaptive Filtering by Graupe, Daniel ISBN: 9780894643156 List Price: $57.50
Time Series Analysis Univariate and Multivariate Methods by Wei, William, Reilly, David P. ISBN: 9780201159110 List Price: $90.67
Non-Linear Time Series A Dynamical System Approach by Tong, Howell ISBN: 9780198523000 List Price: $134.50
Joint Time-frequency Analysis-w/2-3dsk by Qian, Shie, Chen, Dapang ISBN: 9780132543842 List Price: $60.00
Intro.to Time Series+forecast.-w/cd by Rockwell, P. J., Davis, R. A. ISBN: 9780387947198 List Price: $88.95
Chaotic Evolution and Strange Attractors The Statistical Analysis of Time Series for Determi... by Ruelle, David, Radicati di ... ISBN: 9780521368308 List Price: $30.99
Time Series Models for Business and Economic Forecasting by Franses, Philip Hans ISBN: 9780521586412 List Price: $42.00
Design and Analysis of Time-Series Experiments (PB) by Glass, Glass V., Willson, V... ISBN: 9781593119805 List Price: $45.99
Time Series Techniques for Economists by Mills, Terence C. ISBN: 9780521405744 List Price: $55.00
Analysis of Directional Time Series by Breckling, J. ISBN: 9780387971827 List Price: $43.95
Non-Stationary Time Series Analysis and Cointegration by Hargreaves, Colin ISBN: 9780198773924 List Price: $74.00
Periodicity and Stochastic Trends in Economic Time Series by Franses, Philip H. ISBN: 9780198774549 List Price: $60.00
Modern Time Series Analysis in Forest Product Markets Forestry Sciences by Abildtrup, Jens ISBN: 9780792355243 List Price: $159.00
Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis by L├╝tkepohl, Helmut ISBN: 9783540569404 List Price: $99.00
ITSM: An Interactive Time Series Modelling Package for the PC by Brockwell, P. J., Davis, R. A. ISBN: 9780387974828 List Price: $49.95
Time Series Analysis and Inverse Theory for Geophysicists by Gubbins, David ISBN: 9780521819657 List Price: $174.00
Time-Series-Based Econometrics Unit Roots and Co-Integrations by Hatanaka, Michio ISBN: 9780198773535 List Price: $74.00
Market Response Models Econometric and Time Series Analysis by Hanssens, Dominique M., Par... ISBN: 9780792390138 List Price: $208.50
Non-Linear Time Series Models in Empirical Finance by Franses, Philip Hans, van D... ISBN: 9780521770415 List Price: $120.00
An Introduction to Bispectral Analysis and Bilinear Time Series Models (Lecture Notes in Sta... by Rao, T. S., Gabr, M. M. ISBN: 9780387960395 List Price: $28.50
Introduction to Time Series Analysis by Pickup, Mark ISBN: 9781452282015 List Price: $19.00
Spectral Analysis and Its Applications by Jenkins, Gwilym M., Watts, ... ISBN: 9780816244645 List Price: $52.95
Analysis of Time Series by Chatfield, Chris, Xing, Hai... ISBN: 9781498795630
Quantitative Forecasting Methods by Farnum, Nicholas R., Stanto... ISBN: 9780534916862 List Price: $55.95
Statisitcal Analysis of Time Series by Anderson, Theodore W. ISBN: 9780471029007 List Price: $79.95
Time Series Analysis by Cryer, Jonathan D. ISBN: 9780871509635 List Price: $55.95
Time Series Analysis by Madsen, Henrik ISBN: 9781420059670 List Price: $79.95
Time Series Analysis and Its Applications by Shumway, Robert H., Stoffer... ISBN: 9780387989501 List Price: $94.95
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