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When studying statistics and probability you will be looking at the science of uncertainty. This subject will give you practical, mathematical and computing skills as well as giving you the chance to work on challenging and vital problems which arise in everyday real-life situations. You will start to look at life differently and determine the probability of possible eventualities before you make any big decisions. Well let us help you with this decision. The probability of you feeling very happy with yourself if you decide to buy your statistics and probability textbooks here online is very, very high. Not only will you receive great quality and affordable textbooks but you will have saved yourself a load of money as they are far more expensive in college bookshops. You will also avoid having to work out the probability of being involved in any road accidents on the way to the bookshop as we deliver them straight to your home address.

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Basic Statistics: Tales of Distributions by Spatz, Chris ISBN: 9780495808916 List Price: $194.95
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics by Moore, David S., McCabe, Ge... ISBN: 9781429240321 List Price: $159.05
Applied Linear Statistical Models by Kutner, Michael H., Nachtsh... ISBN: 9780073108742 List Price: $196.88
Statistical Concepts for the Behavioral Sciences by Kiess, Harold O., Green, Bo... ISBN: 9780205626243 List Price: $131.80
Statistics: Principles and Methods by Johnson, Steve, Johnson, Ri... ISBN: 9780470409275 List Price: $173.95
Multivariate Data Analysis by Hair, Joseph, Anderson, Rol... ISBN: 9780138132637 List Price: $186.67
Miller & Freund's Probability And Statistics For Engineers by Johnson, Richard, Miller, I... ISBN: 9780131437456 List Price: $144.00
Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics by Wonnacott, Thomas H., Wonna... ISBN: 9780471615170 List Price: $63.66
Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis by Johnson, Richard Arnold, Wi... ISBN: 9780131877153 List Price: $142.67
Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Enhanced Review Edition (With Cengagenow Print... by Peck, Roxy, Olsen, Chris, D... ISBN: 9780495557838 List Price: $174.95
Loose Leaf for Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by Navidi, William ISBN: 9780073515687
Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis by Peck, Roxy, Olsen, Chris, D... ISBN: 9780495118732 List Price: $164.95
Elementary Statistics by Johnson, Robert R., Kuby, P... ISBN: 9780495386940 List Price: $188.95
Statistics, Binder Ready Version: Principles and Methods by Bhattacharyya, Gouri K., Jo... ISBN: 9780470559932 List Price: $113.95
Elementary Statistics + Cd-rom + Printed Access Card + Infotrac + Internet Companion for Sta... by Johnson, Robert R., Kuby, P... ISBN: 9780495383864 List Price: $196.95
Elementary Statistics : Picturing the World, Books a la Carte Edition by Larson, Ron, Farber, Betsy ISBN: 9780321693785 List Price: $108.67
Introduction to Statistics - Ronald E. Walpole - Hardcover - 3rd ed by Walpole, Ronald E. ISBN: 9780024241504 List Price: $39.75
Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis by Peck, Roxy, Olsen, Chris, D... ISBN: 9780495118787 List Price: $118.95
Elementary Statistics by Johnson, Robert R., Kuby, P... ISBN: 9780495017639 List Price: $196.95
Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes for Engineers by Stark, Henry, Woods, John ISBN: 9780132311236 List Price: $235.40
Stats : Data and Models by De Veaux, Richard D., Velle... ISBN: 9780321986498 List Price: $215.20
A First Course in Probability by Ross, Sheldon M. ISBN: 9780136033134 List Price: $132.00
Statistics: From Data to Decision by Watkins, Ann E., Cobb, Geor... ISBN: 9780470458518 List Price: $161.95
Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World by Larson, Ron, Farber, Elizab... ISBN: 9780132424332 List Price: $150.67
Practice of Statistics by Yates, Dan, Moore, David S.... ISBN: 9780716773092 List Price: $55.00
Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences by Mendenhall, William, Sincic... ISBN: 9780131877061 List Price: $85.33
Basic Statistics for the Health Sciences by Kuzma, Jan W., Bohnenblust,... ISBN: 9780072844030 List Price: $125.53
Introduction to Probability by Kelly, Douglas ISBN: 9780023631450 List Price: $86.67
Elementary Statistics in Social Research by Levin, Jack, Fox, James Ala... ISBN: 9780205570690 List Price: $161.40
Statistical Imagination by Ritchey, Ferris J. ISBN: 9780072943047 List Price: $154.38
Sampling Design And Analysis by Lohr, Sharon L. ISBN: 9780495105275 List Price: $203.95
Introduction to Probability and Its Applications by Scheaffer, Richard L., Fran... ISBN: 9780534386719 List Price: $203.95
Introduction to Modern Nonparametric Statistics by Higgins, James J. ISBN: 9780534387754 List Price: $172.95
Elementary Statistics by Weiss, N. A. ISBN: 9780321989390 List Price: $215.20
Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Fourth Edition by Ross, Sheldon M., Ross, She... ISBN: 9780123704832 List Price: $105.00
Applied Statistics and the Sas Programming Language by Cody, Ron, Smith, Jeffrey K. ISBN: 9780131465329 List Price: $89.00
Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences by Bevington, Philip R., Robin... ISBN: 9780072472271 List Price: $77.99
Second Course in Statistics Regression Analysis by Mendenhall, William, Sincic... ISBN: 9780130223234 List Price: $149.33
Applied Linear Regression Models by Kutner, Michael H., Nachtsh... ISBN: 9780072386882 List Price: $184.60
The Essentials of Statistics: A Tool for Social Research by Healey, Joseph F. ISBN: 9780495601432 List Price: $123.95
Seeing Through Statistics by Utts, Jessica M. ISBN: 9780534394028 List Price: $118.95
Probability And Random Processes for Ee's by Leon-Garcia, Alberto ISBN: 9780131471221 List Price: $177.00
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