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If you're looking for new and used algebra textbooks you've come to the right place! Algebra might seem like a daunting subject but with these great value textbooks you will be well on your way to passing your exams. You don't need calculators and worksheets to figure out that these textbooks are great value. Whether you're looking for textbooks on linear or abstract algebra or calculus at elementary or intermediate levels we have the books for you, and at a great price. Before you know it you will be solving equations and using vectors, matrices and polynomials with the best of them including the 'father of algebra', Diophantus and al-Khwarizmi, who founded the discipline 'al-jabr'. Algebra is a branch of mathematics that substitutes numbers with letters, and whether you are trying to work out the value of x or y you need look no further as we have cheap new and used textbooks for you to buy to help you solve the equation.

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