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Would you be interested in the chance to buy comics and graphic novels textbooks online? Many people love these types of publications but they aren't always easy to get hold of at a reasonable price. Now you can buy cheap comics and graphic novels textbooks relating to literary criticism to cut the prices you'd normally pay. Discounted deals of various kinds can be made for titles such as A Comics Studies Reader, not to mention World Encyclopedia of Comics. With other examples such as Critical Approaches to Comics: An Introduction to Theories and Methods available as well, you can get the best selection of deals you could possibly want. With prices starting from just one cent, you might spend a lot less and get way more books than you thought you would originally. Come to Valore Books and get the best deals around today - buy or rent comics and graphic novels textbooks online from us now.

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A Comics Studies Reader by Heer, Jeet, Worcester, Kent ISBN: 9781604731095 List Price: $25.00
World Encyclopedia of Comics by Horn, Maurice ISBN: 9780791048566 List Price: $15.00
Graphic Novels A Genre Guide to Comic Books, Manga, And More by Pawuk, Michael, Vaughan, Br... ISBN: 9781591581321 List Price: $65.00
Language of Comics by Saraceni, Mario ISBN: 9780415286701 List Price: $71.95
Forbidden Adventures The History of the American Comics Group by Vance, Michael ISBN: 9780313296789 List Price: $85.00
Critical Approaches to Comics : An Introduction to Theories and Methods by Duncan, Randy, Smith, Matth... ISBN: 9780415885546
Formes Et Politique de la Bande Dessinee by Baetens, J. ISBN: 9789042907096
Graphic Justice : Intersections of Comics and Law by Giddens, Thomas ISBN: 9781138787995
Lexicon of Comicana by Walker, Mort ISBN: 9780940420007 List Price: $4.95
Asian Comics by Lent, John A. ISBN: 9781628461589 List Price: $60.00
Comic Books From Superheroes to Manga by Hatch, Joshua, Hatch, Thomas ISBN: 9780736857482
Contemporary Comic Book Superheroes by Ndalianis, Angela ISBN: 9780415991766
Language of Comics by Saraceni, Mario ISBN: 9780415214223 List Price: $23.95
Forging a New Medium The Comic Strip in the Nineteenth Century by Lefevre, Pascal, Dierick, C... ISBN: 9789054872061 List Price: $25.00
Comic Books From Superheroes to Manga by Hatch, Joshua, Klein, Lawre... ISBN: 9780736857383 List Price: $23.93
Creation of the X-Men by Fingeroth, Danny ISBN: 9781615112661 List Price: $43.90
Creation of the Fantastic Four by Fein, Eric ISBN: 9781615112647 List Price: $43.90
Creation of the Incredible Hulk by Fein, Eric ISBN: 9781615112654 List Price: $43.90
Creation of Iron Man by Eisenberg, Adam ISBN: 9781615112623 List Price: $43.90
Creation of Spider-Man by Kupperberg, Paul ISBN: 9781615112630 List Price: $43.90
Creation of Captain America by Forget, Thomas ISBN: 9781615112616 List Price: $43.90
Son of Classics and Comics by Kovacs, George, Marshall, C... ISBN: 9780190268886 List Price: $99.00
Son of Classics and Comics by Kovacs, George, Marshall, C... ISBN: 9780190268893 List Price: $29.95
Strips : Een Evocatie van de Middeleeuwen by Verstappen, P., Dekimpe, B.... ISBN: 9789042908857
Language in English Comic Strips by Peters, F. J. ISBN: 9780391035454 List Price: $35.00
Secret History of Wonder Woman by Lepore, Jill ISBN: 9780804173407
Private Eyes in the Comic Books by Dinan, John ISBN: 9780809553082 List Price: $19.95
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