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Literary is such a huge study area that we decided to provide a collection of textbooks that focus on selective literary collections. Depending on your area of literary study you may find that several of these books are applicable to your studies, or you might find just one covers everything you need. Check your college tutor's suggested reading list and use the ISBN numbers to easily find exactly which books you need. We have books on fiction, poetry and drama, American literature, the anthology of English literature, African American literature, and thematically arranged literature. By choosing to shop for your textbooks online instead of in a college bookstore you will avoid the temptation of bookstands full of books that you would love to read but can't afford as a student. Simply type in the ISBN number of the books you need to help you find them easily with no temptations. Our literary collection textbooks are the cheapest you will find. You can also sell your books back to us when you are done with them.

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3 Nations Anthology: Native, Canadian & New England Writers by Camire, Dennis, Cannella, W... ISBN: 9780998819518 List Price: $19.95
Show Her a Flower, a Bird, a Shadow by Alford Pursell, Peg ISBN: 9780998801445 List Price: $16.99
Concourse : Arts and Scholarly Journal by Israel, Shayna S., Israel, ... ISBN: 9780999024607
Literature in Translation by The Northwest Review of Books ISBN: 9780999111505 List Price: $12.00
2006 Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters : Number 57 by American Academy of Arts an... ISBN: 9780999106105 List Price: $30.00
Galaxies on the Ground : 2016-17 WITS Anthology by Wells, Mel ISBN: 9780999262504 List Price: $10.00
Nilvx : Womb, Egg, Phallus, Seed: a Book of Magic by Anderson, M. L., Briere, Ca... ISBN: 9780999280904 List Price: $15.99
NILVX: A Book of Magic : Tarot Series I by Anderson, M. L., Briere, Ca... ISBN: 9780999280911 List Price: $15.99
De un Fragil Vaso de Barro by Vellon, Melitza ISBN: 9781625372253
Grafiti by Doucet, Montserrat ISBN: 9781640080225 List Price: $10.00
Laa Adree by jafari azar mehr, javad ISBN: 9781595846334
Her Will Be Done : Powerful Tales about Powerful Women by Vinculinc ISBN: 9781640990036 List Price: $13.49
Monster in the Mirror : Chilling Transformations Not As They Seem by Vinculinc ISBN: 9781640990029 List Price: $13.49
Spring in Madrid by New York New Century Press ... ISBN: 9781640830233 List Price: $20.00
Extraordinary : Be the Gift by Phil Coles Independent Design ISBN: 9781937741341
Happiness Is a Fish Named Melvin by Stupp, John, Reed, Shelly, ... ISBN: 9781937806095 List Price: $8.00
Articulations by Parrish, Allison ISBN: 9781933996653
Peacock Journal - Anthology : Beauty First by Lantry, W. F. ISBN: 9781935656494 List Price: $9.95
Love's Joy by Toth, Emil ISBN: 9781970024722
Philosophers Second Edition by Roman Roads Media ISBN: 9781944482251 List Price: $39.00
Philosophers Second Edition by Roman Roads Media ISBN: 9781944482244 List Price: $29.00
Walking Testimony : The Psalms of My Life by Walker, Jeanette ISBN: 9781940725789 List Price: $12.95
Tahoma Literary Review by Davio, Kelly, Ponepinto, Jo... ISBN: 9781942797159 List Price: $10.99
Ink Stains Volume 5 : A Dark Fiction Literary Antholgy by Morges, N. Apythia, Benn, A... ISBN: 9781946050052
American Proverbs by Cardwell, Ellen, Cardwell, ... ISBN: 9781945526145
Sinister Wisdom 107 : Black Lesbians--We Are the Revolution by Howard, J. P., Atiya, Amber ISBN: 9781944981167 List Price: $14.00
Three Men by Leslie, Nathan ISBN: 9781945784064 List Price: $21.95
Barking Sycamores : Year Two by Maday, V. E., Nicholson, N. I. ISBN: 9781945955044
Welcome to Honeycomb USA! by Noe, David, Noe, David, LaB... ISBN: 9781945667527 List Price: $9.99
Totality : St. Joseph Writers Guild Anthology: Seeing the Dark: Seeing the Dark by Writers Guild, St. Joseph, ... ISBN: 9781945667534 List Price: $12.99
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