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Law has been credited as the very thing that keeps a society ticking. Without the establishment of law, one can only imagine what would go down on a daily basis. If you haven't set foot in a law class and experienced the intense IRAC method for legal analysis, you may be missing out! We offer a wide variety of Law textbooks to fit your needs including Business Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Medical Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Constitutional Law. Each of your law courses will challenge you to put on your thinking cap, as you study cases that have forever changed the way society functions. For instance, had it not been for constitutional lawyers, women wouldn't be at the polls on voting day, or if there weren't employment lawyers, we may be working twenty-three hour days. Browse our vast supply of used textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN. We're guessing that a good lawyer had to play a role in the development of the ISBN, as it is the surest way to assure you that you are gaining the exact book you are searching for. Now that's justice! Our cheap textbooks are of the highest quality, and orders processed instantly. All that will be left is delivery right to your door. No more waiting in endless college bookstore lines. Plus, we offer the cheapest textbooks around!

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Key Environmental Laws by Hurt, Avery Elizabeth ISBN: 9781978514348
Key Immigration Laws by Ohnaka, Kathryn ISBN: 9781978514386
Key Immigration Laws by Ohnaka, Kathryn ISBN: 9781978514379
Grundgesetz : Dokumentation Seiner Entstehung by Schneider, Hans Peter, Bach... ISBN: 9783465007593
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