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Legal Terminology for Transcription and Court Reporting by Okrent, Cathy J. ISBN: 9781418060855 List Price: $96.95
Legal Document Production by Johnston, Tracy R., Smith, ... ISBN: 9780131907034 List Price: $71.40
Legal Secretary's Complete Handbook by De Vries, Mary A. ISBN: 9780135298763 List Price: $36.00
Courts and the Poor by Smith, Christopher E. ISBN: 9780830412273 List Price: $22.95
Legal Studies Terminology and Transcription by Roderick-Bolton, Wanda ISBN: 9780538715300 List Price: $54.95
Transformation of Legal Aid Comparative and Historical Studies by Regan, Francis, Paterson, A... ISBN: 9780198265894 List Price: $145.00
Legal Interviewing and Counseling in a Nutshell by Shaffer, Thomas L., Elkins,... ISBN: 9780314364746 List Price: $17.00
Paralegal Prac.+proc. by Larbalestriei, Deborah E. ISBN: 9780131085725 List Price: $49.95
Career Legal Secretary by Unknown ISBN: 9780314647894 List Price: $10.95
Clients and Lawyers Securing the Rights of Disabled Persons by Olson, Susan M. ISBN: 9780313241055 List Price: $90.95
Legal Guide for Police by Klotter, John C. ISBN: 9780870845307 List Price: $15.95
Legal Secretarial Procedures - Joyce Morton - Paperback by Morton, Joyce ISBN: 9780135285145 List Price: $48.00
Legal Secretary, Fernandez Payne/Webe by Welter, Clyde ISBN: 9780538601429 List Price: $27.95
Guide to the Courts and Legal Services Act by White, Robin C. ISBN: 9781851901203
Legal Secretary's Guide by Cheyne, Ann ISBN: 9781854311160 List Price: $46.00
Courts+poor by Smith, Christopher E. ISBN: 9780830412969 List Price: $33.95
Lawyer's Guide to Networking by Sneider, Susan R., Center f... ISBN: 9781634253888
Complete Legal Secretarial Course by Andreoni, Patricia A. ISBN: 9780685071755
Complete Legal Secretarial Course by Andreoni, Patricia A. ISBN: 9780205077915 List Price: $32.00
Legal Services Authorities Act : A Critique by Iyer, V. R., Krishna, R. ISBN: 9780785536789 List Price: $65.00
Legal Needs of the Public : Preliminary Report of a National Survey by the Special Committee... by Curran, Barbara A., Spaldin... ISBN: 9780598242310 List Price: $78.80
Manual of Procedures for the Legal Secretary by Baranov, Alvin B. ISBN: 9780940194014 List Price: $24.50
Legal Secretary's Standard Desk Book by Bruno, Carole A. ISBN: 9780135293973 List Price: $44.95
Criminal Defense of the Poor in New York City by McConville, Michael, Mirsky... ISBN: 9781878429551 List Price: $5.00
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