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International law is legislation on how different countries and the citizens of different countries interact. To put it in simple terms it is the set of rules that countries follow when dealing with each other. International law is growing in importance as a result of the increasing influence of globalization and is split into public and private international law. Public international law deals with relationships between nations or nations and organizations. Whereas private international law deals with disputes between individuals or businesses from different countries. Whichever area you decide to specialize in you can buy or rent all the international law textbooks that you need for your college studies right here online. The great value international law textbooks that we sell here are the same ones that you will find in your college bookstores, but we sell them at much lower prices. Our new and used international law textbooks are all in great condition and we have the cheapest prices.

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Juridical Bay by Westerman, Gayl ISBN: 9780195039986 List Price: $145.00
Genocide: A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues) by Ball, Howard ISBN: 9781598844887 List Price: $55.00
International Law And International Relations Bridging Theory And Practice by Sriram, Chandra Lekha, Spir... ISBN: 9780415400763 List Price: $125.00
World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Penal Systems by Kurian, George Thomas ISBN: 9780816010196 List Price: $95.00
The United Nations and International Law by Joyner, Christopher C. ISBN: 9780521586597 List Price: $69.00
International Sanctions Between Words and Wars in the Global System by Wallensteen, Peter, Staiban... ISBN: 9780415355964 List Price: $150.00
Basic Documents in International Law by Brownlie, Ian ISBN: 9780198763819 List Price: $29.95
Regime of Islands in International Law by Jayewardene, Hiran W. ISBN: 9780792301301 List Price: $231.50
Sources of State Practice in International Law by Gaebler, Ralph, Shea, Aliso... ISBN: 9789004178861 List Price: $231.00
Nuclear Weapons and Contemporary International Law by Singh, Nagendra K., McWhinn... ISBN: 9789024736379 List Price: $228.00
On the Duty of Man and Citizen According to Natural Law by Pufendorf, Samuel, Tully, J... ISBN: 9780521351959 List Price: $70.00
Recueil Des Cours, Collected Courses 1980 by Hague Academy of Internatio... ISBN: 9789028627314 List Price: $135.00
Principles of International Criminal Law by Werle, Gerhard, Cooper, Bel... ISBN: 9789067041966 List Price: $158.00
Dissenting and Separate Opinions at the World Court by Hussain, Ijaz ISBN: 9789024729203 List Price: $167.00
International Law and the Rights of Minorities by Thornberry, Patrick ISBN: 9780198258292 List Price: $115.00
International Law at a Time of Perplexity Essays in Honour of Shabtai Rosenne by Dinstein, Yoram, Tabory, Mala ISBN: 9789024736546 List Price: $341.00
International Law Reports by Lauterpacht, Elihu, Greenwo... ISBN: 9780521642422 List Price: $305.00
International Rules Approaches from International Law and International Relations by Beck, Robert J., Arend, Ant... ISBN: 9780195085396 List Price: $67.00
Introduction to the International Criminal Court by Schabas, William A. ISBN: 9780521011495 List Price: $32.99
Introduction to the International Criminal Court by Schabas, William A. ISBN: 9780521537568 List Price: $46.00
Judge Shigeru Oda and the Progressive Development of International Law Opinions by McWhinney, Edward J. ISBN: 9780792322573 List Price: $189.50
Judicial Review and the Rights of Private Parties in Ec Law by Ward, Angela ISBN: 9780198268222 List Price: $185.00
British Year Book of International Law, 1986 by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198256045 List Price: $400.00
British Year Book of International Law 1993 by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Derek ISBN: 9780198254478 List Price: $400.00
British Year Book of International Law 1981 Fifty-Second Year of Issue by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Derek ISBN: 9780198255284 List Price: $285.00
British Year Book of International Law 1984 by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198255208 List Price: $400.00
Change and Stability in International Law-Making by Cassese, Antonio, Weller, J... ISBN: 9783110114942 List Price: $85.05
Crimes Against Humanity in International Criminal Law by Bassiouni, M. Cherif ISBN: 9780792317371 List Price: $306.50
United States and South Africa: The 1985 Sanctions Debate by Treverton, Gregory F., Varl... ISBN: 9781569274439 List Price: $3.50
Human Trafficking by Lee, Maggy ISBN: 9781843922421 List Price: $85.00
A Modern Introduction to International Law by Akehurst, Michael ISBN: 9780043410196 List Price: $28.50
International Governance and Law: State Regulation and Non-state Law by Verschuuren, Jonathan, Scho... ISBN: 9781847207272 List Price: $115.00
In re: More Than 50,000 Nuclear Weapons : Analyses of the Illegality of Nuclear Weapons Unde... by Boyle, Francis A., Rubin, A... ISBN: 9780962371851 List Price: $12.00
Rethinking International Criminal Law The Substantive Part by Olusanya, Olaoluwa ISBN: 9789076871752 List Price: $106.00
Grotian Theology of International Law Hugo Grotius and the Moral Foundations of Internationa... by Stumpf, Christoph A. ISBN: 9783110191202 List Price: $113.40
Reviving the World Court by Falk, Richard A. ISBN: 9780813910840 List Price: $50.00
Basic Documents in International Law and World Order by Weston, Burns H., Falk, Ric... ISBN: 9780314676337 List Price: $26.00
Public International Law Text, Cases, and Readings by August, Ray ISBN: 9780132998925 List Price: $112.40
Law Among Nations An Introduction to Public International Law by Von Glahn, Gerhard ISBN: 9780205189946 List Price: $185.40
Africa and the Development of International Law by Elias, T. O., Akinjide, Ric... ISBN: 9789024737963 List Price: $143.00
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