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International law is legislation on how different countries and the citizens of different countries interact. To put it in simple terms it is the set of rules that countries follow when dealing with each other. International law is growing in importance as a result of the increasing influence of globalization and is split into public and private international law. Public international law deals with relationships between nations or nations and organizations. Whereas private international law deals with disputes between individuals or businesses from different countries. Whichever area you decide to specialize in you can buy or rent all the international law textbooks that you need for your college studies right here online. The great value international law textbooks that we sell here are the same ones that you will find in your college bookstores, but we sell them at much lower prices. Our new and used international law textbooks are all in great condition and we have the cheapest prices.

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Securing the Peace: The Durable Settlement of Civil Wars by Toft, Monica Duffy ISBN: 9780691141466 List Price: $24.95
Fairness in International Law and Institutions by Franck, Thomas M. ISBN: 9780198267850 List Price: $95.00
British Year Book of International Law - 1995 by Brownlie, Ian, Crawford, James ISBN: 9780198258827 List Price: $375.00
National Self-Determination and Secession by Moore, Margaret ISBN: 9780198293842 List Price: $140.00
Governance And Nationbuilding The Failure of International Intervention by Jenkins, Geraint H. ISBN: 9781845421915 List Price: $110.00
International Law and International Relations by Armstrong, David, Farrell, ... ISBN: 9780521605182 List Price: $34.99
Human Trafficking, Human Misery: The Global Trade in Human Beings by Aronowitz, Alexis A. ISBN: 9780275994815
Status of Palestinian Refugees in International Law by Takkenberg, Lex ISBN: 9780198265900 List Price: $250.00
International Rules Approaches from International Law and International Relations by Beck, Robert J., Arend, Ant... ISBN: 9780195085402 List Price: $49.95
Soldiers, Statecraft, and History Coercive Diplomacy and International Order by Nathan, James A. ISBN: 9780275976415 List Price: $33.95
Nuclear Weapons, the Balance of Terror, the Quest for Peace by Edwards, Anthony J. ISBN: 9780887061868 List Price: $29.95
Jurisprudence of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal by Aldrich, George H. ISBN: 9780198258056 List Price: $420.00
Essays on the Development of the International Legal Order, in Memory of Haro F. Van Panhuys by Kalshoven, Frits, Kuyper, P... ISBN: 9789028603608 List Price: $141.50
International Law and International Relations by Armstrong, David, Farrell, ... ISBN: 9781107011069 List Price: $95.00
The International Law on Foreign Investment by Sornarajah, M. ISBN: 9780521763271 List Price: $150.00
A Time to Speak: Selected Writings and Arguments by Bork, Robert H. ISBN: 9781933859682
Inequality, Globalization, and World Politics by Hurrell, Andrew, Woods, Ngaire ISBN: 9780198295662 List Price: $75.00
International Investment Law [Hart] by Subedi, Surya, Suvedi, Sury... ISBN: 9781841138794
Collective Responses to Illegal Acts in International Law - Vera Gowlland-Debbas - Library B... by Gowlland-Debbas, Vera ISBN: 9780792308119 List Price: $257.00
"If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die": How Genocide Was Stopped in East Timor by Robinson, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780691135366 List Price: $35.00
Judicial Remedies in International Law by Gray, Christine D. ISBN: 9780198254324 List Price: $145.00
Inequality, Globalization, and World Politics by Hurrell, Andrew, Woods, Ngaire ISBN: 9780198295679 List Price: $125.00
Democracy by Force U.S. Military Intervention in the Post-Cold War World by Von Hippel, Karin, Greenwoo... ISBN: 9780521659550 List Price: $41.00
Just War or Just Peace?: Interventional Law and Humanitarian Intervention by Chesterman, Simon ISBN: 9780199243372 List Price: $150.00
Rule of Power or Rule of Law? An Assessment of U.S. Policies and Actions Regarding Security-... by Deller, Nicole, Makhijani, ... ISBN: 9781891843174 List Price: $21.95
Coercive Cooperation Explaining Multilateral Economic Sanctions by Martin, Lisa L. ISBN: 9780691034768 List Price: $37.95
Advisory Function of the International Court of Justice 1946-2005 by Aljaghoub, Mahasen M. ISBN: 9783540357322 List Price: $169.00
International Law in Theory and Practice by Schachter, Oscar ISBN: 9780792310242 List Price: $172.50
Terrorism and International Justice by Sterba, James P. ISBN: 9780195158878 List Price: $50.50
Component Units of Federal States and International Agreement by Di Marzo, Luigi ISBN: 9789028603301 List Price: $115.00
Teaching International Law by Starbird, Caroline, Pettit,... ISBN: 9780943804910 List Price: $24.95
International Law by Shaw, Malcolm N. ISBN: 9780521531832 List Price: $71.00
Compulsory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice by Szafarz, Renata ISBN: 9780792319894 List Price: $86.00
Law Among Nations An Introduction to Public International Law by Von Glahn, Gerhard, Taulbee... ISBN: 9780321104809 List Price: $164.20
Normative Approach to War Peace, War, and Justice in Hugo Grotius by Onuma, Yasuaki, Crawford, J... ISBN: 9780198257097 List Price: $195.00
International Commercial Arbitration in the United States Commentary & Materials by Born, Gary B. ISBN: 9789065448552 List Price: $125.00
British Year Book of International Law by Brownlie, Ian, Bowett, Dere... ISBN: 9780198254911 List Price: $285.00
Questions of International Law: Hungarian Perspectives by Bokor-Szego, Hanna ISBN: 9789630560153 List Price: $29.00
INTERNATIONAL LAW (P) by Shaw, Malcolm N. ISBN: 9780521576673 List Price: $55.00
International Dispute Settlement by Merrills, J. G. ISBN: 9780949009944
International Law by Shaw, Malcolm N. ISBN: 9780521899291 List Price: $165.00
Human Trafficking by Lee, Maggy ISBN: 9781843922414 List Price: $39.95
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