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Intellectual property is just one area of the vast topic that is law. But this area alone is incredibly involved and it's worth finding out more about each different aspect of it. Here you have the chance to rent used trademark textbooks if you want to learn more about them and how they are used, as well as where they stand in law. Look for TM: Trademarks and Unfair Competition; International Domain Name Law; Trademarks, Brands and Competitiveness; and Trade Mark Law in the People's Republic of China. As you can see, law in this area varies around the world but we've got all kinds of affordable text books to help college students on this subject. Buy used trademark textbooks now and get the best from your studies every single day. Why would you pay full price for brand new books when we can save you hundreds of dollars on buying all the pre-owned books you could want?

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TM: Trademarks and Unfair Competition by Dinwoodie, Graeme B., Janis... ISBN: 9780735539921
Trademarks, Brands, and Competitiveness (Routledge International Studies in Business History) by Duguid, Paul, Lopes, Teresa... ISBN: 9780415776936 List Price: $140.00
Parallel Importation in U.S. Trademark Law by Hiebert, Timothy H. ISBN: 9780313289569 List Price: $95.00
Law and Practice of Trademark Transactions : A Global and Local Outlook by Calboli, Irene, Werra, Jacq... ISBN: 9781783472123 List Price: $310.00
Trademarks and Social Media : Towards Algorithmic Justice by Friedman, D. ISBN: 9781783479535 List Price: $150.00
World Trademarks and Logotypes: A Collection of Symbols and Their Applications by Igarashi, Takenbou ISBN: 9780816188086 List Price: $95.00
Trademark Dilution by Martino, Tony ISBN: 9780198260714 List Price: $192.00
Trademarks and Unfair Competition by Pattishall, Beverly W., Hil... ISBN: 9780256164756 List Price: $42.50
Trademarks and the Arts by Borchard, William M., Kerno... ISBN: 9780318640341
Trademark Dilution Revision Act Of 2005 : Congressional Hearing by Smith, Lamar ISBN: 9780756749576 List Price: $25.00
Trademarks and Unfair Competition by Pattishall, Beverly W., Hil... ISBN: 9780820528168 List Price: $42.50
Logotypes and Letterforms : Handlettered Logotypes and Typographic Considerations by Young, Doyald ISBN: 9780967331614 List Price: $65.00
Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1982 by Kushreshtha, V. D., Sarath,... ISBN: 9780785554011 List Price: $140.00
Chinese Trademarks by Kay, David B., Green, Lee D. ISBN: 9789623180016 List Price: $120.00
Confusion Test in European Trade Mark Law by Simon Fhima, Ilanah, Gangje... ISBN: 9780199674336 List Price: $210.00
Trade Marks and Competition Law by Firth, Alison, Griffiths, J... ISBN: 9780198728986 List Price: $160.00
Brand Names: Who Owns What - George Frankenstein - Hardcover by Frankenstein, George, Frank... ISBN: 9780871964205 List Price: $45.00
International Domain Name Law by Lindsay, David ISBN: 9781841135847 List Price: $100.00
Encyclopedia of Corporate Names Worldwide by Room, Adrian ISBN: 9780786412877 List Price: $75.00
Steadicam Operator's Handbook by Holway, Jerry ISBN: 9781138410671 List Price: $195.00
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