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Copyright and Fair Use on the Internet Illustrated Essentials by Waxer, Barbara M., Baum, Ma... ISBN: 9781423905516 List Price: $23.95
Legal Aspects of Managing Technology by Burgunder, Lee B. ISBN: 9780324153705 List Price: $87.95
Copyright Law by Stim, Richard W. ISBN: 9780827379886 List Price: $70.95
Piracy in the Indian Film Industry : Copyright and Cultural Consonance by Scaria, Arul George ISBN: 9781107065437 List Price: $90.00
Intellectual Property Law and Interactive Media: Free for a Fee by Lamoureux, Edward Lee ISBN: 9780820481609 List Price: $32.95
Legal Aspects of Managing Technology by Burgunder, Lee B. ISBN: 9780538826648 List Price: $60.95
Cyberpiracy (Cybersafety) by Fisk, Nathan, Rogers, Marcu... ISBN: 9781604136999 List Price: $39.95
Yearbook of Copyright and Media Law 2000 by Barendt, Eric M., Firth, Al... ISBN: 9780198299196 List Price: $350.00
International Copyright Principles, Law, and Practice by Goldstein, Paul ISBN: 9780195128857 List Price: $164.99
Internet And The Law Technology, Society, And Compromises by Schwabach, Aaron ISBN: 9781851097319 List Price: $95.00
Copyright for Schools A Practical Guide by Simpson, Carol ISBN: 9781586831929 List Price: $44.95
E-Z Rules & Reviews Copyright by Hoch, A., Gitlitz, A., Rile... ISBN: 9781887426343 List Price: $14.95
Copyright & Home Copying Technology Challenges the Law by Unknown ISBN: 9780788125317 List Price: $40.00
New Directions in Copyright Law by Macmillan ISBN: 9781845422622 List Price: $100.00
Copyright Users' Rights by Chapdelaine, Pascale ISBN: 9780198754794 List Price: $82.50
History of Copyright Law : A Handbook of Contemporary Research by Alexander, Isabella, G�mez-... ISBN: 9781783472390 List Price: $290.00
Primer on International Copyright and Related Rights by Blomqvist, J. ISBN: 9781783470969 List Price: $39.95
International Copyright Law : U.S. and E.U. Perspectives: Text and Cases by Ginsburg, Jane C., Treppoz,... ISBN: 9781783477999 List Price: $95.00
International Copyright Law : Text and Cases by Ginsburg, J., Treppoz, E. ISBN: 9781783477975 List Price: $215.00
Copyright Law 94 Stat Sup by Jaszi, Peter, Joyce, Craig,... ISBN: 9780256164473
Handbook on the Economics of Copyright : A Guide for Students and Teachers by Watt, Richard ISBN: 9781849808521 List Price: $205.00
Copyright Remedies : A Litigator's Guide to Damages by Stahl, Eric M., Tashman, He... ISBN: 9781627224376
Legal Protection of Databases by Derclaye, Estelle ISBN: 9781847201331 List Price: $160.00
Music Business-A Legal Perspective Music and Live Performances by Muller, Peter ISBN: 9780899307022 List Price: $115.00
Understanding Copyright Law by Leaffer, Marshall A. ISBN: 9780256164480 List Price: $25.00
Rethinking Copyright History, Theory, Language by Deazley ISBN: 9781845422820 List Price: $110.00
Copyright Cases and Materials by Halpern, Sheldon W., Shiple... ISBN: 9780314003287 List Price: $72.00
Polish Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act by Kierzkowska, Kanuta, Drozdo... ISBN: 9788385430117
Professional Programmer's Software Copyright Handbook by Gilman, Joel B. ISBN: 9780916151454 List Price: $9.95
Ensuring Content Protection in the Digital Age : Congressional Hearing by Upton, Fred ISBN: 9780756736521 List Price: $25.00
Digital Music Licensing and Section 115 of the Copyright Act : Congressional Hearing by Brenner, F. James Sensen ISBN: 9780756749101 List Price: $20.00
Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel Structure and Process : Congressional Hearing by Coble, Howard ISBN: 9780756739256 List Price: $35.00
Registration Act by Rustomji, R. ISBN: 9780785536772 List Price: $265.00
Rep.-Additional Advance and Impex Pass Book Licences by Ram, Paras ISBN: 9780785537106 List Price: $125.00
Report on Minnesota Government Use of Copyright and Intellectual Property by Diane Publishing Staff ISBN: 9780788148088 List Price: $35.00
Report of the 1995 Asia-Pacific Seminar on Exchange of Publishing Rights by Yoke, Wong ISBN: 9780788145643 List Price: $20.00
Intellectual Property Rights (in Agricultural Biotechnology) by Unknown ISBN: 9780788125850 List Price: $15.00
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