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Lives of the Bigamists Marriage, Family and Community in Colonial Mexico by Boyer, Richard ISBN: 9780826323842 List Price: $14.95
Marriage on Trial A Handbook With Cases, Laws, and Documents by Walzer, Lee, Zelden, Charle... ISBN: 9781851096107 List Price: $55.00
The Intimate State - Love-Marriage in Delhi by Mody, Perveez ISBN: 9780415446044
Marriage, Sex, and Civic Culture in Late Medieval London by McSheffrey, Shannon ISBN: 9780812239386 List Price: $59.95
Covenant Marriage: The Movement to Reclaim Tradition in America by Nock, Nock, Nock, Steven L.... ISBN: 9780813543260 List Price: $25.95
Bridewealth and Dowry - Jack Goody - Paperback by Goody, Jack, Tambiah, Stanl... ISBN: 9780521098052 List Price: $19.99
Premarital Agreements by Ravdin, Linda J. ISBN: 9781634257459
Prisoner for Polygamy The Memoirs and Letters of Rudger Clawson at the Utah Territorial Peni... by Larson, Stan, Clawson, Rudger ISBN: 9780252018619 List Price: $31.95
Marriage Ideal, Law, Practice Proceedings of a Conference Held in Memory of Henryk Kupiszews... by Sluzewska, Zuzanna, Urbanik... ISBN: 9788391825044 List Price: $63.00
Hindu Women and Marriage Law by Basu, Monmayee ISBN: 9780195645385 List Price: $29.95
Hindu Vivah Adhiniyam (Hindu Marriage Act in Hindi) by Malhotra, I. J. ISBN: 9780897717847
Dowry and Protection to Married Women : With up-to-Date Amendments by Diwan, Paras ISBN: 9780897711531 List Price: $145.00
Law of Dowry Prohibition, with Rules, State Amendments and Allied Laws by Achar, A., Venkanna, V. ISBN: 9780897711487 List Price: $93.00
Special Marriage Act by Murty, Mantha R. ISBN: 9780897711425 List Price: $138.00
Hindu Vivah Adhiniyam : (Hindu Marriage Act in Hindi) by Malhotra, I. J. ISBN: 9780785554899 List Price: $95.00
North Carolina Marriage Laws and Procedures by Mason, Janet ISBN: 9781560114208
Matrimonial Proceedings by Biggs, A. K. ISBN: 9781851900640
Polygamy and Law in Contemporary Saudi Arabia by Yamani, Maha ISBN: 9780863723261
Promising Language Betrothal in Victorian Law and Fiction by Craig, Randall ISBN: 9780791444252 List Price: $26.50
Report to the Congress on Joint Liability and Innocent Spouse Issues by Lubick, Donald C. ISBN: 9780788175367 List Price: $20.00
Marriage in Comparative Conflict of Laws Substantive Conditions by Palsson, Lennart ISBN: 9789024725489 List Price: $200.50
Marriage As a Covenant Biblical Law and Ethics As Developed from Malachi by Hugenberger, Gordon P. ISBN: 9780801021923 List Price: $40.00
Texas Matrimonial Property Law by McKnight, Joseph W., Reppy,... ISBN: 9781879581708 List Price: $68.00
North Carolina Marriage Laws & Procedures by Mason, Janet ISBN: 9781560112358 List Price: $2.50
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