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Entertainment Law by Helewitz, Jeffrey A., Edwar... ISBN: 9780766835849 List Price: $110.95
Entertainment Law by Epstein, Adam ISBN: 9780131147430 List Price: $92.00
International Entertainment Law by Sobel, Lionel S., Biederman... ISBN: 9780275976163 List Price: $82.95
Musician's Business & Legal Guide by Halloran, Mark E. ISBN: 9780130316813 List Price: $39.40
Musician's Business and Legal Guide by Halloran, Mark E., Halloran... ISBN: 9780132373227 List Price: $35.95
Entertainment Careers for Lawyers by Unknown ISBN: 9781627222327
Contested Culture by Gaines, Jane M., Trachtenbe... ISBN: 9780807819777 List Price: $59.95
Yearbook of Media and Entertainment Law, 1997/98 by Baremdt, Eric, Bate, Stephe... ISBN: 9780198265979 List Price: $355.00
Media and Entertainment Law by Smartt, Ursula ISBN: 9780415577564
Entertainment Law by Simensky, Melvin, Selz, Tho... ISBN: 9780256146592 List Price: $50.95
Cases and Materials on Copyright and Other Aspects of Entertainment Litigation by Nimmer, Melville B., Myers,... ISBN: 9780314835413 List Price: $56.00
Media and Entertainment Law by Smartt, Ursula ISBN: 9780415665155
Law of Cinematograph, Cine Workers and Videos, Etc. by Beotra, B. R. ISBN: 9780897711876 List Price: $175.00
Law for Cinemas and Videos by Malik, Vijay ISBN: 9780785513049 List Price: $135.00
Law for Cinemas and Videos by Malik, Vijay ISBN: 9780785552437 List Price: $45.00
Taxation of Entertainers, Athletes, and Artists by Sobel, Lionel S. ISBN: 9781627229807
Music Attorney Directory by Livingston, Robert A. ISBN: 9780960755882
Safety and Oversight of Amusement Rides in California by O'Connor, Dennis, Swenson, ... ISBN: 9780788176203 List Price: $20.00
Your Introduction to Film TV Copyright, Contracts and Other Law by Minus, Johnny, Hale, Willia... ISBN: 9780911370485 List Price: $15.00
Entertainment, Media and the Law Text, Cases, Problems by Weiler, Paul C. ISBN: 9780314248510 List Price: $15.50
Entertainment Law Fundamentals and Practice (First Edition) by Field, Corey ISBN: 9781516563029 List Price: $111.95
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