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Learning about Immigration Law by Scaros, Constantinos E. ISBN: 9781418032593 List Price: $83.95
U.S. Immigration Policy in an Age of Rights by DeLaet, Debra L. ISBN: 9780275967642 List Price: $32.95
Immigration Law by Galloway, Donald ISBN: 9781552210178 List Price: $35.00
Immigration and the Law: A Dictionary by Hing, Bill Ong ISBN: 9781576071205 List Price: $55.00
Diverse Nations, Diverse Responses: Approaches to Social Cohesion in Immigrant Societies (Qu... by Spoonley, Paul, Tolley, Erin ISBN: 9781553393092 List Price: $39.95
Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell by Weissbrodt, David ISBN: 9780314010704 List Price: $18.00
Immigration Process and Policy by Aleinikoff, Thomas Alexande... ISBN: 9780314061041 List Price: $53.00
September 11 Detainees A Review of the Treatment of Aliens Held on Immigration Charges in Co... by Fine, Glenn A., Thompson, L... ISBN: 9780756735753 List Price: $45.00
Guide to Naturalization by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756707415 List Price: $25.00
Immigration Act of 1990 Public Law 101-649 Nov. 29, 1990 by Unknown ISBN: 9780788114137 List Price: $35.00
International Migration Trends, Policies, and Economic Impact by Djajibc, Slobodan ISBN: 9780415237826 List Price: $124.95
Migration in the 21st Century: Rights, Outcomes, and Policy (Regions and Cities) by Korinek, Kim, Maloney, Thomas ISBN: 9780415779142 List Price: $125.00
Alien Invasion by Gainer, Bernard ISBN: 9780844800509 List Price: $17.50
Towards a Just Immigration Policy by Dummett, Ann ISBN: 9780900137266
Migration and Mobility Partnerships by Kunz, Rahel, Lavenex, Sandr... ISBN: 9780415595322
International Migration : Politics, Policies and Practices by Stephens, Elizabeth J. ISBN: 9781634850292
What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about Immigration Law by Kalmykov, Kate, Hermansky, ... ISBN: 9781627225434
Learning about Immigration Law by Scaros, Constantinos E. ISBN: 9780963327680 List Price: $38.95
Migration in Political Theory : The Ethics of Movement and Membership by Fine, Sarah, Ypi, Lea ISBN: 9780198843085 List Price: $35.00
The Foreign Student Survival Guide: F-1 Students by Gyles, Jeanette A. ISBN: 9780971752009 List Price: $24.99
Immigration Law & Practice by Grant, Lawrence, Martin, Ia... ISBN: 9780900137181 List Price: $30.00
Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States, Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms by Aleinikoff, Thomas Alexande... ISBN: 9780314887429 List Price: $15.95
Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms by Aleinikoff, Thomas Alexande... ISBN: 9780314010735 List Price: $16.00
Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States Selected Statutes Regulations and Form... by Aleinikoff, Thomas Alexande... ISBN: 9780314068170 List Price: $16.50
Immigration and America's Workforce for the 21st Century : Congressional Hearing by Smith, Lamar S. ISBN: 9780756701697 List Price: $35.00
Immigration Policy by Allport, Alan, Marzilli, Alan ISBN: 9780791079232 List Price: $35.00
Illegal Immigration by Gerking, Shelby D., Mutti, ... ISBN: 9780891589365
International Migration by Koser, Khalid ISBN: 9780415561563
International Migration by Koser, Khalid ISBN: 9780415561556
Migration, Nation States, and International Cooperation by Hansen, Randall, Koehler, J... ISBN: 9780415888400
Illegal Immigration : Southwest Border Strategy Results Inconclusive; More Evaluation Needed by Rezmovic, Evi L., Seltser, ... ISBN: 9780788174513 List Price: $25.00
International Immigration and Nationality Law by Brown Staff, Rudnick, Campb... ISBN: 9780792326922 List Price: $215.00
Research Handbook on International Refugee Law by Juss, S. S., Harvey, C. ISBN: 9780857932808
Refugee Law's Fact-Finding Crisis : Truth, Risk and the Wrong Mistake by Cameron, Hilary Evans ISBN: 9781108427074 List Price: $110.00
Political Econ of Migration by Fielding, Anthony, Sato, Ma... ISBN: 9781858983066
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