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Criminal Justice Concepts and Issues An Anthology by Eskridge, Chris W., Siegel,... ISBN: 9780935732702 List Price: $34.95
Criminal Law 1994 Pocket Part by LaFave, Wayne R., Israel, J... ISBN: 9780314048103 List Price: $6.50
Arrest Law Guidebook by Unknown ISBN: 9780314621184
Flagrantes Auditions : Echanges Langagiers Lors D'interactions Judiciaires by Martinez, Esther Gonzalez ISBN: 9783039112388 List Price: $38.95
Inside Adjudicative Criminal Procedure : What Matters and Why by Cook, Julian A., Cook, Alan A. ISBN: 9781454868118
Criminal Procedure by Coughlan, Stephen Gerard ISBN: 9781552214183
Comparative Criminal Procedure by Ross, J., Thaman, S. ISBN: 9781781007181 List Price: $270.00
Criminal Litigation 2016-2017 by Hannibal, Martin, Mountford... ISBN: 9780198765905 List Price: $55.00
Investigative Criminal Procedure : A Contemporary Approach by Kamin, Sam, Bascuas, Ricard... ISBN: 9780314285454
Magistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2014 by Roveri, . ISBN: 9781846619113 List Price: $398.00
Fitness to Plead in England and Wales by Grubin, Donald ISBN: 9781138871823
Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2016 (book and Supplements) by Ormerod QC (Hon), Professor... ISBN: 9780198757054 List Price: $615.00
Survey of Criminal Procedure by Hall ISBN: 9780827361270 List Price: $10.00
Survey of Criminal Procedure by Hall ISBN: 9780827361263 List Price: $29.95
Criminal Justice Procedure by Moak, Stacy C., Carlson, Ro... ISBN: 9781138131873
Criminal Practice Handbook by Shapiro, Jay, Hrones, Stephen ISBN: 9781630433499
Criminal Procedures Anthology by Lawson-Mack, Raneta ISBN: 9781634874052
Criminal Procedures Anthology by Lawson-Mack, Raneta ISBN: 9781634874045
Advocacy in the Magistrates' Court by Welsh, James ISBN: 9781138151703 List Price: $165.00
Criminal Litigation by Clegg, John ISBN: 9780853081920
Unfitness to Plead by Great Britain: Law Commissi... ISBN: 9780102989335
Comprehensive Criminal Procedure (Looseleaf) by Allen, Ronald Jay, Stuntz, ... ISBN: 9781454888901 List Price: $226.00
Criminal Procedures : The Police, Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials (Looseleaf) by Miller, Marc L., Wright, Ro... ISBN: 9781454889090 List Price: $165.00
Criminal Procedures : Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials (Looseleaf) by Miller, Marc L., Wright, Ro... ISBN: 9781454889069 List Price: $227.00
Criminal Procedures : Prosecution and Adjudication, Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials... by Miller, Marc L., Wright, Ro... ISBN: 9781454889076 List Price: $165.00
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